Friday, July 9, 2010

Things get misplaced from time to time; some of which are not greatly missed, but some leave a big, glaring gap, as they are essential. I have realized that one of the latter is missing in my life and I am on a hunt. If you see it, let me know as soon as possible?! Oh, you need to know what it is?
My sense of humor. I left it somewhere and I need it back!
By nature I am of the more serious type and have been known to be a little bit more introspective than is healthy for a person to be. Papa, in His grace, has been teaching me over the years to lighten up and as I have matured with age I have become a more willing student.
Lately, it appears that I have been playing hooky.
Life has been and is really heavy these days. To be honest it feels like bad news likes to arrrive on my doorstep regularly. Never have I experienced so much heartache so constantly. It is like I am in a sea of it and just as I come up for air - a wave of more comes bearing down on me.
Yesterday was no exception. My dear husband was in pain when Matt and I came to visit. The left arm was experiencing waves of serious pain. Out of a ten Ray said it was a seven.
The nurses and I think it is probably "phantom pain." I am calling his doctor today to discuss this.
Ray is still experiencing dizziness and a drop in his blood pressure when standing.
He has a doctor's appointment this coming Thursday morning with the orthopedic spine surgeon. I am going to hire a chair van, as I am not confident enough that I can transport him myself. Hopefully, that will be the day that his neck brace comes off!!
My day ended with devastating news. Our precious niece, who was recovering from breast cancer after a year of one challenge after another had a cat scan yesterday. They discovered cancerous tumors in her brain, lungs and liver. Sara will turn thirty-three next week.
When I received this news I could not contain myself. I am not overly dramatic and usually am quiet in my grief, etc., but I wailed.
So is it even legitimate to want that sense of humor back? Yes! Otherwise, I will drown.
Along with humor I must cling to Truth.
What is the purpose of this life? Of any life?
To know God and to develop an intimate relationship with Him. This is the preparation ground for eternity.
To know Him makes all the difference in living this life of adventure.
This morning I read something by David Jeremiah. He said that "It is not the absence of suffering, but the response to suffering that makes Christians unique. We are not exempt from trials in life, but we can be exempt from failure in those trials."
In the gospel of John we read "Apart from Him, I can do nothing!" BUT with Him I can not only make it through, but in victory!
A verse that has spoken to me many times over the years is found in Job twenty-three, verse ten.
"But He knows the way that I take;
When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold."
He is with me on this journey and allows all of the trials to help me become all He intends.
May my life shine for Jesus!!

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