Monday, July 5, 2010

Ray was a bit confused today. He thought Gerald Ford was still president! We met December of 1976, so I wonder if he was thinking that I looked a lot older than he remembered!!
The other day I saw his weight in his chart. He has lost at least twenty-five or thirty pounds. When I told him how much he weighed he commented that he had gained weight. Well, yes, if it indeed is during Ford's administration!
They had to cut OT short today as Ray became very dizzy while standing. He hasn't had that problem in a few weeks!
During my visit with him a young woman came in and told me that she was going to pick him up. I thought, "This I want to see!" After she made a few more comments I deduced that she was the speech therapist and she was going to add him to his client list. Words certainly can mislead when taken out of context!
Tim came home after visiting with his dad and told me that he had a few very uncomfortable moments with Ray. For whatever reason they were discussing Ray's mom's age. Tim asked his dad if there was a big age difference between his dad and mom, as when grandpa died he was eighty-seven. Ray asked, "My father's dead? That can't be!" Tim reminded him that grandpa had died a couple of years ago after having lived with us and then Uncle Jeff and Aunt Audrey. What was Ray's response? "Oh, no wonder he hasn't called me!"
My poor honey! He was wondering why he hadn't heard from his dad! I wish he had said something.
Tim shared that Ray thought his left arm was his father's; the one he left behind.
He was experiencing a bit of pain in his arm today. He tells me that it doesn't hurt in the physical arm, but the pain is in the arm that is in a different position. I wonder if this is what is called "phantom pain?"
I asked him if I could get him anything. He replied, "A new arm."
In the past few days I have seen Ray trying to do something with his right hand that normally takes two hands. I wanted to offer to help, but realized that he needs to figure it out for himself. Whether it is opening a small container of milk or manuvering his wheelchair, I am holding back unless he asks for help.
Sometimes Ray gets a faraway look in his eyes and then a fearful look passes his face. I am claiming second Timothy one, verse seven for him (and me!).
"God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind."
We have been freed from fear and it has been replaced with power, love and a sound mind! Our Papa never takes something, no matter what it is and leaves a void, but He replaces it with Himself, as He is the source of all that is good!

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