Monday, July 26, 2010

Life has a way of insisting that we either live by our words or eat them! Over the past couple of days I have been reminded of my words of advice to others a number of times.
"Our expectations will trip us up if they are in anything or anyone but Him and then they need to be measured by what we know is true about Him." "True trust finds rest in Him no matter the circumstances."
We headed to New York to see my niece and, hopefully, be an encouragement to her and the rest of the family. I anticipating spending some time in the hospital room in prayer. I expected that spirits would be lifted.
I do hope that our presence was an encouragement, yet it was hard to tell. Matthew and I were talking and I told him that, as we sat in the hospital room, I was having a difficult time even knowing how to pray silently. He believes it was because of the heavy spirit of despair there.
Everyone was to be very quiet and not disturb Sara, per her mother. I so longed to bring a little life into the place!
Afterward we were to celebrate my son, Jonathan's birthday with him. Well, we celebrated with his girlfriend, but he was absent. Sara's husband was struggling and Jon felt he couldn't leave him alone. Understandable. Yet, again I longed to open the windows of hearts and let some light and life flow in!
Not my job. I know it is Papa's place and I am confident that He is working whether I see it or not, but I am struggling with disappointment just the same.
Sometimes I think I am very naive. "Oh", I think, "they will see their need, they will see there is hope and a better way and be set free." Not so simple; so many walls have to come down first.
Yet, it is possible! He reached me, so He can reach anyone. He is not willing for any to perish, so I know He is calling to each heart. Oh, that they would hear and come to Him!!
He is our heart's desire. After I encountered Jesus and began a personal, intimate relationship with Him, it occurred to me one day that He was what I was seeking all along. I just didn't know it.
Seeking Him is a life long adventure. Seeking to know Him more fully. Seeking His help and guidance for all of this crazy life's challenges.
He will not disappoint.
I desire Him to have His way in all areas of life. I entrust once more my husband and my niece into His capable, gentle, loving hands. I will trust Him to lead me as to how to pray for them and their needs.
Tomorrow at 3:15 PM many will be stopping to pray for my niece. I invite all who are reading this to join us.

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