Saturday, July 3, 2010

A precious friend of mine has said that everyone needs to go through life with a mother and a secretary by their side. I have always heartily agreed, especially since I am not the greatest detail person! And life is full of details!
Never before has the need for such help been so greatly felt! Besides all the household details that we all deal with and all the related decisions, all that comes with the situation we find ourselves in is a fulltime endeavor on its own!
When Ray was at Gaylord there was a case coordinator extraordinaire, Natalie. She handled or brought to my attention any details that I missed or simply wasn't aware.
We are all very aware already that we, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, aren't in Kansas anymore! So I am not expecting such close involvement on the part of anyone from Glendale.
Ray has a number of doctor appointments scheduled over the next two months and I will need to figure out transportation. I also need to speak with a few of his regular doctors, who I would like to have take over his case now that he is closer to them.
The specialist that has the results of Ray's EMG has still not called, so I need to pursue this next week. The OT at Glendale was going to begin treatment of Ray's arm, but I do not want anything to be done until we learn what the problem is. There was discussion of electric-stem treatment, but I think it unwise to pursue this until we are sure it is the right way to go. I am concerned that the result of hasty treatment could be unnecessary damage or pain. Ray's arm experiences enough dicomfort without adding to it!
Then there is the insurance company, who wants him home in two weeks! Let's not forget the bills they rejected; such as the one from Waterbury Hospital. The four hour stay amounted to-Are you ready?-over thirty-one thousand dollars!!
Phone calls. I am not a phone person. Give me a face! Oh, and we know that it will be a challenge to actually speak with a human being, don't we?!
Depending upon how these calls go I might need to contact the State liason that handles problems with insurance companies. There is also a contact at Ray's union. So there is help out there. It's just doing the footwork.
My honey needs to do his light therapy every day and then there is the eye exercise that his former OT recommended he also do. I am looking for help with these, as I do not want to spend all my time with him in the role of therapist!
On a positive note I want to send thank you's to the long and growing list of those who helped make the ziti supper a huge success!
I see how this coming week is shaping up! Where's that secretary??
As far as the mother, well there is a dear woman who I call my adopted mom. I think I will have to find time for a cup of tea with Betty!
When Dorothy landed in the strange land she received ruby slippers, which could have taken her home right away had she known their power to do so. Every day I receive gifts from Papa that remind me that I have my home in Him. I can be at home while in this strange land.
Today the gifts were found in Psalm one hundred and forty-six.
"How blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God." (verse five) He is my help and my hope through all the details of life.
My response to this promise? "I will praise the LORD while I live; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being!" (verse two)
I think this calls for a dance in these lovely slippers Papa gave me!!

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