Saturday, July 10, 2010

In the past forty-eight hours I have noticed myself using two words frequently. What are they? "Too much." Yes, too much. Everything has seemed too much.
What do I do when life gets to be "too much?"
I talk to Papa.
That sounds so pious, doesn't it?
Well, I do talk to Him and give Him all of it. At least I think I give it all to Him!
Then what do I do? I see if I can push myself over the edge; I start projects, of course.
Today I started painting Ray's and my bedroom. This is something I was intending to do this summer and I do want to have it done before he comes home....
But did I have to start it today?? On a day when I am sad and weary? On a day when it is humid?
To top it off I need to mention that I hate to paint! Too many details to take care of before you even pick up a brush.
Papa lets me get myself into a corner and then we have a good laugh. Okay, He laughed! I was looking to revive my sense of humor wasn't I?
After painting for hours it became very obvious that the "one coat" paint is going to take a second coat. Knowing what my schedule looks like for this coming week and that the room can not remain in its current state for too long, it occurred to me that I had better get some help.
It took years for me to ever come to the place where I would ask for help. I would just become a crazed woman; very pleasant to be around!
The help is available this week! Thank You Papa!
Such craziness and right after I had made a note to myself to relax and embrace the moment more than I have been doing of late, which is probably what happened to my sense of humor!
Yesterday I attended a memorial service that was a celebration of that ray of sunshine I had mentioned a number of days ago. It was a joy to sit there and learn more about her. At one point a song was played that spoke of this being the time and the dance. At the word dance it had my attention! The song told of someone who chose to dance and live life to the fullest. They chose to embrace the mystery and be all they could be.
My usual mindset is to seize the moment and dance; dance for and with my God. This past week I not only stopped laughing, but stopped dancing too. How sad.
Well, before you can correct a problem you have to recognize it. With Papa's help I will be dancing before I know it and I wouldn't be surprised if a giggle starts to rise up too until it is a full-blown laugh!!

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