Thursday, July 15, 2010

Count your blessings, name them one by one;
Count your blessings, see what God has done....
This is a report of good things happening!
Papa, as always, takes car of His kids!!
Ray and I went on a road trip today!
All the way to Hartford.
I drove him there myself, as we had practiced car transfers with the PT and did fine.
Since the appointment was at 8:45 AM I figured I had better leave extra time for rush hour traffic. We started our journey at 7:15 AM.
We managed to do the car transfer all by ourselves! Then I attempted to put the collapsible wheelchair in my truck. It doesn't collapse that much! (Note to self - rent a "real" collapsible one next time!!) With help from an aide who happened along we managed to push/pull the thing into my backseat.
I calculated enough time to pick up breakfast from a Dunkin Donuts drive thru. (Smile)
The staff at Glendale had offered to give my honey an early breakfast, but we opted for DD, of course!
The traffic was light, no snarls or slow-downs at all!
We pulled into the Hartford Hospital garage, found a handicap parking space in no time at all!
I thought it was going to take some time to coax the chair out of that backseat, but it came out with ease!
After another smooth car transfer and a brief ride in the elevator we stopped at the information desk to find out just how far the doctor's office was from there. Oh, just take this other elevator and get off on the sixth floor. On we went and when the door opened up and we were facing the place we needed to be!
Of course, there were forms to fill out. The questions that we were asked to answer were very entertaining. Here's an example: "Has your injury affected your social life?" "No, not at all, we are carrying on as usual!!
Before we could even get through all the forms (we might have taken a few minutes longer than needed, as we were having a bit of fun with them!), we were called into the examination room. And amazingly, the doctor walked in right afterward!
After studying the records and a brief exam Ray was sent across the hall for x-rays. These were quickly developed and we were ushered back to the exam room where the doctor explained that he doubts that Ray ever had a fracture of his C7, so lets "can this collar!" Ray told him that he liked him a lot! The doctor did assure us that the collar had been necessary due to the contusion at that spot; yet even though it isn't totally cleared up, it is safe to go without it now.
On the way out I asked if there was a co-pay and was told that we were all set!
Back to and into the car, including the chair that was extremely cooperative!
Upon our return to Glendale I got out my scissors and trimmed the bush that had been growing under my love's cervical collar. I followed this up with the electric razor.
And there sat my man!!! He's back!!!!!!!
Yesterday we had a meeting with the team that cares for Ray. They anticipate Ray coming home in about two weeks!! His dizziness has subsided quite a bit, which means that they have been able to be more aggressive with his therapy.
One hinderance to his homecoming will be whether his left leg improves enough for him to be able to do stairs at all. His left hip-flexer is still weak, so prayer is needed for it to regain its strength soon!
Once he comes home, Ray will have some at-home therapy, along with home health care. Afterward the out-patient PT will commence. He is slated to do this at Gaylord. There are places closer to home, but they are the best around, so I am glad he can go there.
Count any blessings yet?
Here's another one: Ray's union rep has been stopping by and will help run interference with the insurance for us!!!
Now here is one from Papa that was just for me. I had meant to mention it a few weeks ago, but I guess it was kept for this post.
I love wild flowers and find Queen Anne's Lace absolutely delightful. A number of times over the years I have attempted to transplant a plant or two to no avail.
Guess what is growing outside my front door? Yes! Those lovely lacey flowers!!
I know it is a love note from Papa to me; a reminder of how special I am to Him and that He takes note of every detail of who I am and what I enjoy. Every day I am reminded afresh of His tender love. He is so gracious!! He, Himself, tops the list of blessings!!

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