Monday, October 11, 2010


Five o'clock Sunday evening came and the door bell rang. It rang five different times. Apart from one couple I had no idea who would be standing on the other side of my door. It was such fun to be surprised!

The ten chairs around our table were filled yesterday evening with Ray and I, along with eight friends!
There was such an array of delicious dishes to choose from and we got to keep the leftovers! Hey, this potluck idea isn't bad! Our family concurs!

It was a joy for me to observe everyone sitting around sharing life and a meal; getting to know one another better. Papa is all about relationships and I am sure He was enjoying the scene too!

There was a downside.
It so typical forn't me to anticipate something with such great pleasure, but be taken by surprise by some negative element and have that feeling dashed.

Let me explain. The potluck was Papa's idea. It hadn't occurred to me until I had written the invitation in one of my posts. That doesn't mean that it isn't something I would do, but just that Papa instigated the thought.
Since it was His idea and such a good one I expected it to be a completely positive experience. It even worked into Papa's intention to have people around Ray too.

My honey didn't agree. No one else knew that. Well, I guess they do now, if they are reading this!
My honey kept giving me hard looks and was very short with me. He didn't like the disruption! I felt deflated. A cry would have felt good. I was disappointed.

After everyone left I mused over Ray's reaction. It seems Papa was not surprised and this was part of the plan. What?!
The thought came to me that Ray is seeing himself as an invalid that needs to be catered to. Ah ha!
My honey and I had a little talk. Life is not going to stop and I intend to live it. He should too! This is our life and we need to make the most of it!

Through this experience a few thoughts tried to take hold in my mind and if I had let them they would have worked their way into my heart. They were "poor me" kind of thoughts. No way!

Papa reminded me that this struggle is more than just a flesh and blood one, but is spiritual in nature. The mind is one of the battlegrounds. It is critical that "every thought be taken captive to the obedience of Christ."

So we are on for another potluck next month! Next time I will not let anything cheat me out of the joy of having others join my life and open theirs to me also. I just need to let Papa see to it!

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