Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm back and rested, for the moment. Rested, but distracted. My cat, Chloe, just jumped up on my lap, or I should say clawed her way up onto my lap and expects my undivided attention. She expects me to use both hands while petting her and is not pleased that they are occupied with this keyboard.
The thought just hit me that my cat is not the only thing that can distract me and demand all of my attention. Some of the things are external, but not all of them.

The external stuff is easier to dispense with than the flotsom that takes up residence in my head and heart. Things like paperwork and housework can be dealt with and even, at times, delegated, but clearing out the internal junk takes more energy, unless....

Unless I ask for help. My God is always ready to help. How does He help me? He reminds me of what is true.

Some of the thoughts that like to lodge in my brain say things such as; "Is that the best you can do?" "What are your REAL motives?" "What is going to happen if Ray doesn't regain his strength?" "How will you make it on disability?" "You think your lifestyle has changed now?"

How do I answer those and many other questions? I cry, "Papa!" And He answers with assurances of His love. I am reminded that I am free in Him. Free of guilt and fear. He answers me with Truth; He began a good work in me and He will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus! That's one reminder from Him.
He is the Author and Perfecter of my faith. His Truth took root in my heart because He had prepared it, not because of anything I had done.
He has a good plan for my life. A plan to give me a future and a hope, not to bring calamity!
He tells me to call to Him and He will tell me great and mighty things, which I do not know!
All these are promises from His Word, promises waiting to be believed and taken personally.
Balm for the anxious soul.

I discovered something new from one of Jesus' parables that I was reading the other day. The parable of the soils.
The disciples were the only ones who asked Jesus to explain the meaning of this parable. Out of all the people who had sat and listened to Him no one else sought to understand what He meant by the story. I had never thought about this before.
What does this mean to me? That when I want to understand and learn more of His ways and how to live this life He is more than willing to help me. I need but ask. He wants me to understand.
James tells us that if need wisdom I need but ask.

So I don't need to be distract. I need to simply be focused on my God. He has it all in hand and will gladly show me the way.
It always amazes me how everything falls into place as I turn my eyes and heart fully to Him!

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