Sunday, October 10, 2010

Papa continues to bring refreshment to this heart of mine.
I thought I'd pass it along.

Ever feel like your prayers are going no further than the ceiling? They don't need to go any further! He is right here!
"We need never shout across the spaces to an absent God. He is nearer than our own soul, closer than our most secret thoughts." A W Tozer

Checkout the fourth chapter of Deuteronomy, the thirty-ninth verse: He is God! He is LORD! There is no other!
This God loves me and enjoys my company!!

In the first chapter of Romans we learn that our God gives each of us every opportunity to know Him. It is our choice. If we do not choose to take advantage of what we are offered, we will face the consequences. When we do not allow God to fill the void in our lives, we will become emptier and undone. That which seeks to rush in and "fill" us does not satisfy for long, but instead destroys.

I get this picture of real life teeming around us. It is out of sight, but actually more real than what we see. It is His Kingdom. When we settle for that which we can see, we cheat ourselves out of such an amazing gift.
In C S Lewis' final book in his Narnia series, "The Last Battle", the final scene depicts what I am trying to say.
The struggle between good and evil had just come to the point of evil appearing to be prevailing and all those who would not follow were trapped in an old, dirty, dark barn. The tables turn when Aslan (Christ figure) appears. The barn walls fall and instead of darkness and evil surrounding them they encounter beauty. Grassy hills, bright sun, birds singing and Aslan calling to His people to follow Him. "Come up higher!" That was His cry to them.
Nearly everyone responded by pursuing Him. Everyone but the dwarfs. From the moment they entered the barn they had sat in a circle by themselves saying over and over, "The dwarfs are for the dwarfs."
They were so closed off to anything or anyone else that they took no notice of the transformation of their surroundings.
They refused to take notice and to them they were still trapped in that old barn. The book ends with them still there, never taking hold of the true reality.
My God is not sitting in wait to judge and punish. No, He eagerly waits for us to be receptive to all the blessings that are piled up just waiting to be received!
The greatest blessing being Himself!

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