Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Life happens.  It can be annoying. 
I like a schedule. Especially these days.
Actually, the schedule I want is one that is a guarantee.  A guarantee that I have a certain amount of time to myself, time that can be focused on a few things that are important to me.
Until six months ago I was a free agent, so I guess I am just chomping at the bit a little.

A few friends have been so kind to give of their time to stay with Ray or to take him to his therapy.  I am so very grateful.  Because of the help, as I have mentioned, I have been able to return to my friends at the rehab.  It is a joy.

My visits happen on Fridays.  If I have to take my honey to Gaylord, I do not have time to return him home, if someone were waiting for him there, and arrive at the rehab on time.  This Friday might be one of those times.
A good friend, who was taking him, has had a health issue arise.  How dare he?!  I am kidding, of course.  Hey, life happens, unfortunately.
I am praying that the issue is minor and that he has peace as he goes through the process of tests and healing.

This put another crimp in my schedule, but after a little pouting I settled down and a reasonable thought came to me.  You see I am heading to New York Friday afternoon, as I am participating in that Sunrise Fund walk early Saturday morning.
Driving to Long Island, which is where I am going, to be specific, is not the most enjoyable experience on a good day.  Heading there on a Friday needs perfect timing if there is any hope of avoiding monsterous traffic.
I intended to leave directly from the rehab at two o'clock in the afternoon.  I would have avoided the majority of rush hour traffic.
Our friend might be able to hang with Ray in the afternoon, but I will not know until that day.
Here comes the reasonable thought.  Take the ferry.  To do so means booking ahead of time to be sure of a spot.
I hate spending money, but I know that I will be exhausted if I try to do the drive and then walk the following morning.  As soon as the thought came to me, I knew it was the right way to go.
Regarding the rehab, I will simply wait until that morning and see what doors Papa opens.  My honey offered to sit in the car!  Of course, I wouldn't do that to him!  Maybe the trunk...
Still kidding.

It all works out in the end.  The problem for me is that every week I need to line up help.  I hate to keep asking, not because I think I should be able to do it all myself, but because I do not want to wear anyone out!

I want to do what is right.  In all things I desire to honor Papa and I am concerned that Debbie might just get in the way of that now and then!
He has called me to follow Him and walk in His ways.  David Jeremiah said, "The dedication of one can make the difference for many."  I want to be dedicated.  I want to make a difference; in my home and beyond!
In the New Testament book of James, the fourth chapter, we learn that conflicts often arise because we want our own way; that selfishness is at work in our hearts. 
He longs for His Spirit to dwell in my (our) heart(s) fully.  Selfishness is dispelled by His Spirit!

This morning I was reading Peter's second epistle where I was reminded that He has given me precious and magnificent promises and desires me to partake of the divine nature (in other words, to become like Him).  He gives grace, peace, life, godliness, escape from corruption and lust; what can I do but give myself to Him for His glory?!

His Truth puts everything in perspective again.
So does taking my eyes off myself and looking toward others.  Many are struggling, many are facing challenges: our friend with his health issue, another who is battling lung cancer, a precious friend who sees the end of her struggle with Parkinsons nearing, one who is facing surgery for prostate cancer...I could go on and on.  Every day prayer requests arrive in my in-box and over the phone, all concerning major issues. 
So if my schedule is a little more challenging some days, then it is just a little more challenging and it would be a lovely thing if instead of grumbling I thought of my friends and their heavy-duty challenges and in so doing lifted them up in prayer.
Papa help me keep things in perspective!

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