Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Battle

The past few days have found me a little overwhelmed.
Overwhelmed by details.
Overwhelmed by darkness.
Overwhelmed by a desire to dispel both.

Let me share a little about the darkness, as the details are just the usual; they continue to ebb and flow on a regular basis.

The Darkness.
Ray and I spent the weekend on Long Island with family.  The purpose was to celebrate the youngest of all the sisters' children turning eighteen.  A good reason to throw a party!

The family is still grieving, as well as the extended family and close friends.  Sara left a huge hole.
My sister, her mother is distraught in her grief.  I can only imagine how heartbreaking it is to lose your child.  I hope I never know!
Everyone grabs onto one way or another to mask their pain and to be able to function on a daily basis.  There is only One Way that brings true comfort and healing.
No one, that I could see, is seeking that way, the God of all comfort.  It is painful to watch.

No light, just a whole lot of darkness and the blindness that comes with it.

My honey and I spent the night with my sister and her fiancee.   After the men retired for the night we sisters sat together for a while.  At one point I just held my sister as she wept.
I cried out to Papa for her.  At first she seemed to relax in my arms, but then became so uncomfortable that she had to leave the room.

Such darkness.  So much despair and hopelessness.
Grief is not something that can be avoided.  That is impossible.  However, to try to deal with it apart from the One Who has overcome death and darkness is also impossible.

How I long for everyone to see my Jesus!  He is indeed the Light of the world. 
this morning Papa reminded me that He has overcome the world!  He has also made us "more than conquerors!"

Who is this One whose arm is not too short and with whom nothing is impossible?
I have begun a study of Hebrews and here is what we learn in just the first three verses:

Jesus....God's final Word
Jesus....God's Heir - of all things
Jesus....Co-Creator with the Father
Jesus....Radiance of His glory
Jesus....Exact representation of God's nature
Jesus....Upholds all things by the Word of His Power (check out the first chapter of Colossians!)
Jesus....Purifications for my sins!
Jesus....Seated at the right hand of the Majesty on High (Papa!)

Once He paid for our sins, He took a seat at the Father's right hand and you know what He is doing there?  He's talking about us!  He is interceding for us!  He tells Papa, "That one's mine!"
Our God cares about every detail and He is the answer to all our struggles, all our grief and all that life can throw at us. 
He has left the Comforter right here.  We need only aks and we will receive.

After meditating on Who my Jesus is and taking Him at His Word, I realize that there is nothing to be overwhelmed by. 
He can handle the details and He certainly has handled the darkness!
What is my part?  To take my position in this battle.
What is my position?  In Christ!  I, indeed, am more than a conqueror!
The darkness will not last!  The Light is Jesus, my conqueror!

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