Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just the Right Ingredients!

The inside of the card read: "Hope today is filled with all the ingredients that make you happiest."
The card was from my husband and children.
The occasion?  A belated celebration of my sixtieth birthday.

Saturday afternoon they began to gather. 
Who?  Many of my very dearest ones.
Our sons.
The women who love them.
My sisters and their families.
A few close friends.
Each one a treasure to me.

I did not know exactly who would be coming.  The weather left a big question mark regarding how many would make it.  So I went off to have my nails done not knowing who or when to expect anyone.
My family knew, but wasn't saying.
Upon my return, as I entered the house, I heard the voice of our oldest son, Eric.  Oh joy!  He and his wife had come from West Virginia.  It was the first time that both of them were here in many years.

My heart is full!  The evening was, indeed, filled with the ingredients that make me happiest.
This morning our four sons, two daughters (in-law) and two lovely girlfriends joined Ray and I for breakfast.  My our dining table was full!  I wanted to freeze the moment.

As I write this our home is back to its usual residents, but I still sense the presence of those who were here; I hear the laughter, the voices warmed with love.  And my heart is still full; full of the love that fills our home and hearts.  A friend commented last night that she could feel the love, that it was evident between all of our family.  Such a gift!

Papa is the Giver of all good things.  A family that enjoys each other and values one another is one of those good gifts.  Time together is yet another.
The women that He has brought alongside my sons is still another.  I have prayed for these girls since I began praying for my sons and I was praying for the boys while they had not yet even made their appeareance into this world!

Mindy is one of the answers to my prayer.  This precious woman is the one who organized, planned and pulled off this celebration.  Such a loving gift to this mother-in-law!  I am so blessed!
It was difficult for me not to be busy in the kitchen, etc.  When I would gravitate that way I would have to contend with a stern look from Mindy as she admonished me to keep my hands off!

I was brought to tears last night when presented with a beautiful mother's ring.  It is perfect!  Though if my heart had its way it would have had a second row of stones- one for each one of the young women who stands by my sons' side.

Yes, the day was filled with all the ingredients that make me happiest.  However, truth be told, it all has spilled into my everyday.  You see all those delightful ingredients are orchestrated by, drawn together and bound up in Papa's gracious loving Presence.  He keeps it all fresh and alive.  With Him as the Key Ingredient I am beyond happy!

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