Wednesday, February 9, 2011


"How's the book going?"
"Doing much writing?"
"How's the book coming along?"

This week it seems that no matter who I am speaking with they ask about the book.
It appears that Papa is giving me a little nudge; a reminder that this is His idea.

So how is it going?
Very slowly.
Yet, it isn't as if nothing is happening.
Before I ever write anything, I think. 
I do a lot of thinking. 
Once I do begin to write I often do not need to edit it or, at least, not very much.

Some of what I have been mulling over is how to approach the topic.
This week I believe I have my answer.  Write it in story form.
I think that is how I write anyway.  Matt says that is what people most enjoy.

Sounds good.

There are a number of websites that are for writers and discuss the process of writing.  One site offers courses to help a writer.  I explored them the other day.  They were very elementary and not for me.  I know there is much to learn, but I need something a bit meatier.
Meanwhile, I am sensing the nudge of Papa to just write.  It is so easy to spin one's wheels, especially with the Internet at your fingertips!  It is seemingly inexhaustible.  There is so much to consider.
However, the effort it takes to sort through all the information is more than I care to give it.
Anyway, I have a truly inexhaustible resource available to me at all times!

My God.

With God all things are possible and I can do all things through Him.  Hmmm.  I think I read that somewhere...
I cannot grasp all that my God is or does, but I can choose to trust Him.  The more I do this, the easier it is to do.
It doesn't matter what it is, He is my source of strength and hope and wisdom, to mention just a few.

The third chapter of Hebrews reminds me to....Consider Jesus...

Who He is.
        High Priest.
        Faithful Son.
        Worthy of Glory
What He has done.
         Secured our Eternal Salvation!
And is doing.
          Building His House (His body).

The result of considering Jesus, of being reminded of Who He is and what He has and is doing makes the whole difference in how I consider everything else.
I find peace, a sense of rest, that nothing else can offer, nor give to me.

Hebrews go on to warn us that we need to be careful.  To forget to consider Jesus is to go off on our own and this provokes God.
Because He, the Holy God, knows that we know better and because He has so much more for us!
We are called to encourage others to consider with us the One who said, "It is finished!"
What does that mean?  It means that all we need was accomplished on that Cross two thousand years ago.

Yes, consider Jesus!  He is all we need for life.  He is all we need to be all He intends us to be and that is a whole lot more than we can ever ask or think!

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