Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Laughing Matter

The Flu. 
Need I say more?

For three days now both Matt and I have been under the grip of Influenza.
Not a pretty sight.

When an illness hits, a house grows strangely quiet, except for the hacking and gagging.
We have learned that any stab at humor is not welcome.
Today a friend of Matt's called and was trying to cheer him up with a little levity.  It took Matt quite a while to stop choking.
He commented that laughter is not always the best medicine!

What is good medicine? 
Usually it is difficult for me to keep still for very long.  Not this week.
Usually I would find something to fill my time with, but I don't have the energy to even consider anything.
My brain is fuzzy, so I have not been able to do any serious concentration for any length of time.  I am amazed that I am even sitting here writing, but felt the urge and figured I'd give it a go.

I am spending a bit of my day reading, at least until my eyes say no more!  I love historical fiction, especially if it is well researched.  The Thoenes are quite a team.  Bodie writes and her husband, Brock researches.  The results are wonderful.
God's truth is woven throughout all their stories. 
Their trilogy, "The Shiloh Legacy" is no exception.
Papa has used their writing to correspond with what He has been saying to me elsewhere.

Life is an adventure filled with joys and sorrows and all sorts of challenges along the way.  All of which can easily cause our focus to shift from the One most important part, Him.  The minute our focus moves off of Him, we are in trouble.
To keep focused we need to keep close accounts.  It is easy to let little things slip off the radar screen in light of the big picture.  Little by little they end up piling up and causing a wedge to form between us and our God.
Life keeps going and piling up more junk.  After a while the load is too much and we are so out of kilter that anything more is too much.

When I sit with Jesus and open His Word I journal what He says to me.  If I don't take it to the next step, which is application, all it ends up being is words on a page.  Application means that I let the Word shine onto my life and together, Papa and I, see and deal with what is exposed.  It often takes a little digging.  It often isn't comfortable.  Sometimes I stop short and just do a little surface work.  That only works for so long.
So as I lay around this house, even with my head all fuzzy, I know it is my heart that He is working on.  May I not make light of it.
It, indeed, is no laughing matter!

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