Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yes, a posting so soon.  Well, I cannot contain myself!  I have to share what Papa has shown me this day.  It is just bubbling up and out of me and I think Papa wants it to engulf you too!

I opened my Bible up to Hebrews once again and just can't contain the joy of it all!!

One of my favorite roles is that of being a mama.  I love mothering; I love my sons and now my daughters(in-law) and grandchildren more than can be expressed in words.  That is why the following quote touched my heart.
The decision to have a child "is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."  Writer Elizabeth Stone is credited with this comment.

Well, now let's connect this to the passage in Hebrews that I read this morning.

I am in the first chapter, verses four through nine.  It a continuation of yesterday's focus on the identity of Jesus.  It begins by identifying Jesus as God's Son.  God makes it very clear, Jesus was Fathered (begotten) by the Heavenly Father; then He says that He will be a Father to Him and Jesus will be His Son.  He emphasizes the relationship so there is no doubt who Jesus is.

Jumping down to verse nine we see that the Father anointed His Son with the "Oil of Gladness."
I love to hit the concordance to learn the original meaning from the original language.  Gladness in this case is "Exuberant Joy!"
I get the picture of Papa's joy being shared with His Son.  The joy flows from their relationship, which they have shared from all eternity.  Yet, in this case, I imagine it is focused on why the Father has begotten a flesh and blood Son.
If we flip a few pages over to the twelfth chapter of Hebrews, we read in the second verse that Jesus endured the cross for "the Joy set before Him."  What is that joy?  Bringing more sons into the kingdom!  He rejoiced to be the One Who would fulfill His Father's will to make the way for us into the Heavenly Kingdom!
Jesus is indeed the Father's Heart!!

Isn't that cool!!  So much love and joy is bound up in the Heart of God for us!

I want to share what else was brought to my attention in those few verses in Hebrews.
The passage compares Jesus and angels.  It is something to pay close attention to, as there are many today that are into angels. 
Many worship angels.  Not the way it is meant to be.  Actually, throughout scripture when someone encountered an angel, the angel told them not to worship them!
Angels are to worship Jesus and they do!  Angels are His ministers (servants) and are His "winds," "flames of fire."  Both of which are transient; just passing through.
Jesus is eternal; nothing transient about Him!

The Throne of this Son, who is to be worshipped, is His forever!  He rules in Righteousness.  That means it is all good!  This ruler loves righteousness and hates, yes hates (!) lawlessness.
He is loving, but He is Holy.  Do not be deceived!

To be a king, one must be anointed.  It marks a person as set apart for the position.  I picture the Father joyfully marking His only Son to be the King of Kings.
Are you catching the joy?  I hope so.  I know that is what the Heart of Papa desires for each one!

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