Friday, January 28, 2011

Comings and Goings

Once more I can be found at my computer in my very own home!

My, what an adventure I have been on!

Let’s recap.

Two cancellations and numerous rescheduling happened before I actually boarded a plane to Florida.
A visit with one mother-in-law, plus one aunt and then, finally time and opportunity to walk the beach!

A major thunderstorm with many flashes of glorious lightening with a tornado siren in the background!

I don’t think I mentioned the tanker that exploded on the road to the island we were staying on? The resulting fire did so much damage to the overpass that they had to tear it down completely. This made for some interesting commuting to the store, etc.

Oh yes, then there was the flight cancellation that caused me to stay in Georgia for twenty-four hours..…

It was the highlight of my trip! I got to see one of my best-est friends! We figured out that we have known and loved each other for thirty-nine years! How can that be? We are just younguns!  Well, in light of eternity, we are!

It truly was a gift from Papa.   A bonafide serendipity!
Serendipity: The thesaurus gives us a few defining words;:
Coincidence – nah,
Kismet or fate - Maybe,
Providence - Now, that is more like it!

Papa had a plan all along!!

Such a loving God! He delights in blessing us and certainly does it well!!

So I have done a lot of coming and going this past week or so. Comings and goings don’t just involve changing one’s location. Over the years many relationships have come and gone, but some just changed locations.

While going through the mail I came across a card from a precious friend of mine. Included in the envelope was a card with two hand-stitched birds on it. They are beak to beak and shared the card with these words by Kathy Kay Benudiz:

“There is no distance too far between friends…for friendship gives wings to the heart.”        AMEN!

There is a Friendship that sets the example for all others. Of course, it is the one I share with Jesus.
Oh my Jesus!! He is the best friend ever! He is even appreciates and smiles upon my other treasured friendships. It is His love that is woven through each connection. What a delight!!

This grand surprise that He had planned for me was lovely.  On Wednesday evening, after picking me up at the airport, my friend, Ron  took me to church.  There I met his wife, Jo.  Now I have two friends to visit in Georgia!
Ron and Jo are involved with the music ministry of the church, so while they rehearsed in the choir and band, respectively, I got to attend a worship service.
I loved it!!
When the service ended I had the joy of hearing the choir rehearse.  There are one hundred and ninety-five people in their choir!  WOW!
Papa just kept blessing.

The whole experience caused love and joy and gratitude to overflow my heart! 
It was a good thing because it helped me deal with my experience at the Atlanta airport.

Do I look like a terrorist?  Apparently so.
The staff was not satisfied with the full body scan, which makes a person feel exposed.  No I needed to be "patted down!" 
Did I need a private room or was out in the public alright with me?
Excuse me?!  A private room, please.
I was not allowed to touch any of my possessions, which did pass their scrutiny, so two other women had to carry all of it, still scattered in those attractive gray bins.
After the "pat down" the woman had to rub something over her gloves that looked similar to a bandaid .  She then very carefully passed it to one of the other women, who went to test it.
It came back negative.
You know I think?  I think the real terrorists are laughing up their sleeves at us!  Yes, I think they are, but I know that my God will have the last laugh!

Papa keeps bringing to mind two words from the third chapter of Hebrews that is found in the first verse.
"Consider Jesus."
When I consider Jesus, who left the glories of heaven, walked this earth and experienced what it meant to be human, then suffered and died on the cross for me, well what is a little over zealous security at an airport.  My God loves me!  My God did not stay dead and buried, no, my God rose from the dead and one day I will see Him face-to-face!
Meanwhile, I will continue coming and going with Jesus and enjoy the adventure with its seredipities along the way!

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