Sunday, January 2, 2011


It is a good thing that I didn't make any resolutions, because, if I had, I would have broken them already!!
Yesterday I blogged about my desire to see more of the fruit of the spirit in my life.  This morning the fruit was seriously lacking!

My honey wasn't cooperating. 
He insisted that he'd like to attend church this morning and then didn't get up.  Once he did come to the table for breakfast, which needed to be eaten quickly, the commentary began.
Where's my coffee?  Where's my newspaper?  You aren't going to serve me? 
It didn't stop.
I am sure he thought he was being funny, however I wasn't finding the humor in any of it.
I wasn't feeling the love!
Joy didn't seem to be on the horizon and forget about peace!  I wanted to strangle him! 
Self-control did seem to be available, so he is still breathing.

After breakfast we did his therapy.  The mad dash was on!
I headed to the car with my Bible and a few other items and Ray went into the "library" and proceeded to read.
Somehow we were only fifteen minutes late.

The first Sunday of the month our church celebrates the LORD'S Supper.  I like to be in a good place spiritually when I approach this special celebration. 
I considered refraining from partaking.  Yet, during our drive to the church building Papa soothed my spirit and calmed me down.  He helped me to focus on Him and the service that we would be attending shortly.
The morning was going to be extra special.  A dear man that I know, who has overcome some big obstacles and has become an encouragement and inspiration to many, was being baptized.
I was glad that it was happening at the end of the service, so I knew I wouldn't miss it.

If I had hung onto my frustration I would have not been able to experience the joy that was woven through the service.  Thank You, LORD God for lifting me out of that miry pit!  Thank You Holy Spirit for allowing me to experience the fruit of joy.  Along with the joy came the illusive peace all of which was wrapped in love!

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