Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Did you ever watch a sandpiper scamper across the beach?  A happy little one with a bounce in his step is that little bird.  The fellow I saw today was busy living life.  There was no hesitation; no second guessing whether he should or should not go forward.  No holding back for the little guy, he was putting his all into the life ordained for him alone!
Watching him and many others like him, as well as the numerous varieties of sea gulls that shared their beach with me, I couldn't help but think of what Jesus said about the Father's care of each and every one of them.  He said that Papa's intimate care of each one should be an encouragment to each one of us.  Why?  Well, if He cares for them (and really they are a dime a dozen, so to speak) then we can take heart to know that He cares so much more for us!
When we care to notice it, Papa is demonstrating this truth continually.
He has been helping me to take notice.

Monday I seized the opportunity to walk the beach.  The walk involved a few raindrops, but it was worth it.  Nothing clears one's head better than a walk along the beach, especially when an ocean is in view.  It put me and my concerns in perspective.  Ocean - very big, which always causes me to think of the One who created that ocean; me - tiny.
As I retraced my steps and headed back, there was a break in the clouds and sunlight flooded down to warm those of us in its path.  It was very brief and greatly missed once the warmth had passed.  Papa and I were in a conversation and I felt the impulse to take my hand and sweep it across the sky while asking Him to do just that with the clouds.  With that I made my way back to the condo.
During lunch we noticed that the room was brighter and took a peek outside.  The only clouds in the sky were white, fluffy ones and along with them, uncovered, the sun was shining brightly!
Thank You, Papa!
It wasn't quite warm enough to head to the beach, but we did take out Monopoly game poolside!

This morning found Matthew, Mindy and me barefoot and walking along the edge of the water.  Refreshing for the body and soul!
I am convinced that it is the simple things of life that we need the most.  An opportunity to come apart before you "come apart" doesn't need to be elaborate, nor expensive.  Papa takes care of our needs, even for a break.  He supplied a place for me and good deal on a flight and that is all that was needed.

In the devotional "Grace for the Moment", by Max Lucado, Max comments on the compassion of Christ.  He saw Jesus setting aside His own needs out of compassion for those around Him.   As I reflected on the many examples that I have from my own life I was overwhelmed by how deep His compassion is for me.  His compassion is both uncontainable and unconstrainable!  That is deep!  At times I feel immersed in that amazing compassionate love.  Actually, I always am, but often I am not taking notice of it.  Can you imagine such a thing?!
He has called me, not to some doctrine or to a role in proclaiming His love, but to a relationship with the Living God.  This relationship assures refreshment on a daily basis.

A song came on the radio the other day that spoke of giving one's life up for a good man.  Ray is a good man and I thought to myself that this might be what Papa intends for me.  My LORD interrupted with His own thoughts on the matter.  I am to give my life up to Him.  We find our lives when we give them up for His sake.  This is sacrifice, right?  Of course, but that is not all.  We gain so much.  We gain life and freedom, freedom to be all He has designed us to be.  How refreshing!

I wrote the above yesterday.  Actually, I wrote quite a bit more, but then the thunderstorm descended with bright flashes of lightening and the tornado warning sounded.  At that point I closed my computer thinking that I had saved all I had written.  Wrong.  I guess Papa wanted it re-worded!

He has told me to live a life of expectancy; expecting Him to make Himself known without setting any limitations.  Why wouldn't I do that?  Well, if I get bent on what I want to do or see happen, I will be limiting my own expectations and will miss Him.
Example.  I am homebound today and will be flying out of Orlrando with a stop in Atlanta.  The stop has changed from an hour and a half to twenty-four hours.  It seems the weather in the Northeast isn't conducive to flying again! 
I had anticipated this news and prompted by Papa I contacted one of my long-time and dearest friends.  We haven't seen each other in about twenty years.  I am to be his and his wife's houseguest tonight!!  :)
I call that a serendipity! 
Yes, I am eager to be home, but still what a gift! 
My other choice was to stay one more day in Florida where I could have fussed and pouted.  No way!

Ron has wanted me to visit his church for years and this night will find me there for choir practice!  Those who know me and my lack of singing ability can rest assured that I will be in the audience - though I might not be able to contain myself here and there!  (It is an enormous choir!)

My God is teaching me not to clutter my life up with many concerns, but live expectant of what He is doing in my life.
He desires for us to live refreshed at every turn.

One little glitch.  My son, Timothy was to pick me up from the airport.  He has class tomorrow night and can't do it.  It just seems like one detail is always dangling!
Now how do I handle this with out losing the sense of refreshment?  Oh, yes!  Papa, it is all Yours!

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