Sunday, January 23, 2011


Here I sit, once again, with my laptop before me.  Finally.  Internet access is at a premium down here.
(Yes, I made it to Florida!)
It is amazing how many things I take for granted. 
This reminds me of my time in Cambodia where they rely upon solar power for their electric.  One needs to compose her thoughts clearly and concisely before turning on the computer and using that electricity.
It isn't as bad as that here, but there are other limitations.
The clubhouse connection in this gated community is ver-r-r-r-y slo-o-o-o-o-w.  I had tried it the other day and after waiting quite a while for this website to be fully downloaded  and then trying again, I gave up.

We just learned that Mindy's parents do have a connection, which I am using right now.  The parents don't think about it, as they are not "computer" people.  Hence, a very short wire in the main bedroom, which is one of the reasons this post will be brief!

Within the first twenty-four hours of being here I began to think I had made a mistake. 
Maybe I shouldn't have come. 
Maybe Matt and Mindy need more time alone.
For certain the phone calls did not stop. 
Disability hasn't received the update from the doctor.  The deadline is Monday.  Sigh.
I couldn't reach the doctor's office at Gaylord, as they are closed on Friday.  Sigh.
My honey misses me.  Friday found him snowed in and alone.
He survived, but I felt a little guilty.

We visited Ray's mom yesterday.  It was good.  She is good.  Just more hearing-impaired these days.
I have a friend who is about twenty minutes from Mom.  I wanted to see her, but since I wasn't on my own that didn't happen.
Isn't it something how hindsight is twenty-twenty?  In retrospect I can see how I could have done a better job in planning this trip. 
As I reflected on these thoughts something I had said to someone else the other day came back to me.  "The past is the past.  We cannot change one moment of it.  We can't even change the moment that has just occurred.  It is a waste of valuable time to fret over it"
Ah, it is so easy to give wise counsel to others.

What has Papa been saying to me through this leg of the journey?
"Look to Me!"  "Trust Me!"

In the days leading up to actually getting on the plane and traveling down here I was receiving the same message.  In reality I think it is the theme of all His Words to me!

"Enjoy My Presence."
"Open your heart to Me."
"Walk with Me and watch for the fresh blessings that come with it."
"Let Me love you."
"Give Me your full attention."
"Worship Me in spirit and truth."

All of it entails keeping my eyes, my focus on Him.  As we spend time gazing upon Him, getting to know Him more fully, then we become a reflection of Him to others.  Second Corinthians, chapter three, verse eighteen speaks of this truth.
Others will also a confidence in that relflection.  Confidence that He is in control and that He can work all things out for good, even the poorest laid plans!

Today I am on my own and am headed to visit Ray's Aunt Din, who is north of Orlando.  Just an hour and a half away from where I sit.  She needs a touch from Jesus.
Papa I hope that I reflect you!  And not only today, but everyday. 
In spite of myself!

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