Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who is Setting the Pace?

Exercise is not my favorite thing.  I view it as a necessary evil, but it is much more enjoyable if I can do it with someone else.  When the weather is conducive I have been known to walk with a friend or two.  The only problem that I face in doing so is my stride is longer than most of my friends.  Three feet of me is legs, so I cover a good distance with each step!

My friends are not the only ones I have a tendency to outstride. 

In walking with my Savior I have been known to run ahead.  He will reveal something that He intends for me to do and off I go!  Walking with Him means going at His pace.  I think that is why He gives us the word-picture in Matthew eleven of being yoked to Him.

Two oxen are usually yoked together.  One is the stronger ox and does the leading; the weaker just has to keep pace.  Certainly a good picture of what it is like to walk with Jesus.

Yoked to Jesus I can be sure that I will find myself where He wants me to be; doing what He intends for me to do.  His way, as He knows best.  In Isaiah fifty-five He tells us that His thoughts and ways are not like ours.  And we know whose are superior!

I noted in my journal the other day that each and every day holds an equal opportunity to walk with Him.  That is what it is all about.  Hang out with Papa and let Him take you where He wants you to go.
No day is to be viewed as in a holding pattern.  Holding for what?  Papa is available and as near no matter what a day holds.  He has a plan for each moment of our lives, a plan that weaves them all together.

Whether we are involved in a major project or the simple everyday details of life, it is our life.  I want to savor each one.  I do not want to squander any.  Fretting is squandering.  Anxiety falls under that catagory too.
This week I have found myself a little anxious.  Whenever I commit myself to something bigger than usual, I spend precious time in a tizzy.  What was I thinking??  How do I think I will do it??  What if I fail?  What if I am wrong?
Yeah, the book again.

My God is so gracious and faithful.  He reminds me of one of my life verses.  It is found in First Thessalonians, fifth chapter, twenty-fourth verse:  "Faithful is He who calls you, who also will do it!"
In other words whatever God calls His child to do, whether to be a mate or parent, teacher, writer, etc, etc., He is the One who will accomplish it.  He doesn't leave you hanging out to dry.  All we have to do is show up in faith and obedience.  He supplies the strength and ability.   We need but put it to use.

As I have shared in previous posts emotions are sneaky things.  Quite often there is so much more under the surface that what we see.  Just like an iceberg.

I know that some of the things going on in my head and heart have to do with this journey that Ray, I and our family, not to mention our friends (!) are on. 
At this point I feel like my husband has become an old man.  I do not like it.
At the end of his life, Ray's dad had lived with us for about a year.  In some ways I feel like I am back there.  My husband has become his elderly father.
Today a dear friend reminded me that it isn't necessarily a permanent state of things.  Ray is still improving.  It is just that he is so different, so quiet and so inactive.  Not the man any of us knew at all.
It is my prayer that my honey would be willingly yoked to Jesus and letting Him set the pace. 
Remembering that our LORD is in all of this helps greatly.

On Tuesday I am suppose to fly to Florida for six days.  I want to check on my mother-in-law and see it as a good excuse to take a little break.
Ray didn't want to take the trip, so I have made arrangements for his care and for companionship while I am gone.
I pray I come home with fresh eyes and heart.
I also pray that the ice storm they are predicting either delays or goes somewhere else!

I am looking forward to walking the beach with Papa.  I know I will have no trouble letting Him set the pace there!

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