Saturday, May 28, 2011


"All God is, He is abundantly.  All God gives, He gives abundantly.  He loves to bless!"
Where did this quote come from?  My journal.  It is one of the comments I had written down this morning.

It is a joy to have such a big God.  A joy that offers peace in all circumstances.
Today's circumstances made it easy to enjoy that joy and peace.

Beautiful weather was a perfect backdrop for a lovely day enjoying family. 
A day where Ray and I could be present for our grandson, Levi's graduation. 
A day overflowing with abundant blessings!
A day where I could hold our great-grand baby, Ariana all I wanted!  What a treasure!!
A day where we could relax.
A day to simply enjoy.

Back in our hotel room I thought I would download all the wonderful pictures from today.  Armed with happy pictures I thought I'd share a few on Facebook.  After which I wanted to check my email and stop in here for a short posting.
I realized that I am spoiled.  That realization came as I found myself tapping my fingers impatiently while waiting for my laptop to connect with the Internet.  The connection is v-e-r-r-r-y s-l-o-o-o-w!
Trying to download a few pictures was just that - trying!  The process was painfully slow and I decided two pictures were plenty for the time being.
I gave up on the idea of checking my email and after numerous tries actually made it to this site.

All of this is really very small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.  In light of the wonderful day I just experienced it is even smaller.
I struggled with impatience and irritation.
Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!!
Oh the things we take for granted!

As I was grumbling over having to deal with such slow Internet service another comment from this morning's journal entries came to mind.
"My God is not finished with me yet, not until we are face-to-face."
He uses everything for blessing in our lives.  This evening He used a slow Internet connection to do a little more work in my heart. 
Isn't it interesting that it is the little things in life that can trip us up so easily?
I am so glad that my God is not only not finished with me yet, but never gives up on me.  Neither the little things nor the big trip Him up!  Knowing that gives me joy and peace.

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