Thursday, May 12, 2011

Seeing the Blessings

The topic of light and gladness is still rattling around in my head.  I looked up Psalm ninety-seven in my Amplified Bible.  This version gives the full meaning of the words.  Verse eleven expanded the picture I had in my mind.
"Light is sown for the (uncomromisingly) righteous and strewn along their pathway, and for the upright in heart (the irrepressible joy which comes from consciousness of His favor and protection)."
I know that I have shared the vision God gave someone for me.  They saw me stopping along a path to pick up all the treasures Papa had placed there for me.  He has treasures for each one of us.  The key to discovering them is given us in the above verse.
Be aware of being in His favor and protection.  He has promised this for His children and He keeps His promises.  As we receive this truth for ourselves, our eyes will be more attuned to seeing the blessings of light, which will bring gladness to our hearts.

Those blessings come in all forms.

Light, happy moments....
The other day Mindy was driving home and her eye was caught by something lying on the road.  It had the same coloring as my cat, Chloe.  She couldn't bear to look too closely, but came home and got Matt to go back with her.  Mindy was so concerned about having to tell me that my cat had been killed.  I am sure that she was remembering the pain of losing their Sophie last fall.
When they returned I asked what was going on.  I sensed something was afoot.
Mindy told me the story and how they had discovered that it was just an old piece of rug!
Matt's comment was that it was sad, as it had been a faithful old rug...

The light and gladness in this story is obvious: Mindy's concern, Matt's humor and the fact that it wasn't my cat!

Today light and gladness came wrapped in heavier material.  I received a piece of mail from my sister Chrissy today.  She had sent me an article that a couple of Sara's friends and coworkers had written about her.  It made me cry.
Grief has a way of surprising me.  I will always miss my niece, but thought the grief had subsided.  Not so and maybe never so.
As I read the article grief's wound opened itself up again.  It all came back to me and felt so fresh.

Where was the light and gladness in this moment?  It came as Papa helped me to reflect on the blessing of having had Sara in my life and the joy of knowing that she had touched so many lives.  Knowing that my God is love and was present through all Sara faced, including death and eternity, I can count it all joy.

This morning I was reminded that each one of us is very precious to our God.   He cares for all His creation and even pays attention when a sparrow falls to the ground.  In Matthew account of Jesus' teaching we are reminded that we are of much greater value than that little bird.
That is true light and brings me a whole lot of gladness!!

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