Tuesday, May 3, 2011


For a number of years I was in the habit of writing verses and quotes that caught my attention on index cards.  One of those cards surfaced a few days ago.  It was not by chance.  The quote will have to be anonymous, as I did not note the source and a Google search did not bring any results.
"A crisis indicates that God desires to initiate changes and growth in our lives.  We have the choice of either being a participant or a spectator to God's will for our lives."
Judging by the amount of crises that have occurred in my life it is obvious that I did and still do need quite a bit of changing and a fair amount of growth! 
The crisis that causes me to wrestle the most happens within me.  In the larger part I have learned that I have little, if any, control over others.  It's me that gives me the most trouble!  Yes, Pogo, the enemy is looking back at us in the mirror!

The days that I focus on me without the lens of God's love are not happy days.  Papa will reveal something that needs our (His and my) attention; if I am not careful, I will take hold of it and use it to beat myself up.  Not my loving God's intention at all!
The lens that slips in place, at those times, then colors all of life.  It is not a rose colored lens, but gray and darkening.

A few nights ago, when Ray and I were praying together, he asked the LORD to help me get my sense of humor back. 
WHAT?  HEY!!  I am doing the best I can!!
Oh, oh!  A bit self-defensive are we?

The paperwork and phone calls had been at an all time high this past week.  We know how I LOVE doing these things!  I tried to involve my honey, but he just got confused and I had to straighten a few things out afterward.  More phone calls and paperwork.  Lovely!
Insurance companies are not our friends.  Just in case you didn't know.

I was worn out.
Poor me.
I over-reacted to one mix up and declared that I did not want to be grown up anymore!
No one offered to take over for me.  :(

I was overwhelmed and felt like I wasn't doing anything very well.
I got myself a sad movie and cried my way through it.  Sobbed actually.

At times like this Papa waits and once I come up for air He speaks.

There is a verse in Philippians that I pray for many people and use often to encourage others.  As I read it Papa spoke to my heart.  This one is for you too, you know.  It was the sixth verse of the first chapter.
"For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus."
A reminder that my God had not given up on me, nor would He ever do so. 
It is all about HIM, not me.
I was trying to handle all the stuff on my own.
He gave me a picture of handing it all over to Him.  I still have to deal with all of it, but not all by myself.  I am yoked to Him and together, with Him leading, we will get it done.
There is joy and peace in the doing, when it is with Him.
In looking to Him that dark lens fell away, just like scales and I could see clearly again!

Papa reminded me that He wants me to keep pursuing Him and not just settle for what I have. there's always more to discover and as I learn more aobut Him I will gain the confidence to reach beyond my own grasp!

This morning I received a fresh view of my God.  He is the Lion of Judah who willingly became the Lamb of God.  The lion symbolizes strength and power. The lamb represents weakness and vulnerability, as well as innocence.
In Revelation, chapter five, we see the helpless and fatally wounded Lamb has become the symbol of ultimate power!  So the way of our God.  He uses the weak things of this world to demonstrate His Power.  That gives me hope and confidence.  This is one weak lady!
What a joy to belong to Him!

It is time to join together over a meal and rejoice in our loving Father.  Shall we say a potluck on May fifteenth at five PM?   We will supply the burgers & rolls.  Everyone can bring a cup of something to add to a tossed salad and then whatever other dish you'd like to share.
Jesus and the Reynolds will be looking forward to the fellowship!

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