Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Along the Dusty Path of Life

A few people have commented that I do not do many updates of my honey's condition these days.  That is because quite a bit less is happening now.   The latest is that recently he has been experiencing more pain.  It appears that his body has gotten accustomed to the meds that were prescribed for the pain. 

More pain causes him to do less.

Today I tried to encourage him to do a few things in hopes that it would distract him from the pain.  There is more pain when he thinks about it, but that isn't anything new.  A wince crosses his face whenever someone asks about his arm.  I doubt anything can be done about that particular cause and effect.

Last week, I believe, that I mentioned my latest reads.  I finished "Street Wise," by John Goodfellow.  It is always a joy to learn of how God has transformed yet another life, which He did for John.  The man went from an aimless life of petty crime, bar fights, illicit sex, et cetera that was filled with anger and discord to a life of joy and purpose.

A trip to the library today found two books on CD that will help Ray and I pass our time as we travel to West Virginia this Thursday.  "Oliver Twist" is one selection, as I cannot get enough of Dickens!  (this wouldn't be a Ray choice, but he sleeps through most traveling and the driver must be kept occupied!)The other is something written by James Patterson.  I have never read anything by him, but did recall that my niece, Sara loved his books, so I thought I'd see what he was all about.  I know her cousin, Sean, who is an avid reader, has done the same thing, which is where the thought originated.  We will have to compare notes!

As far as the purpose for the trip, our grandson, Levi is graduating from high school this coming Saturday and we do not want to miss it!  It is also a wonderful opportunity to spend time with all the family, especially our granddaughter, Jasmine and our great-granddaughter, Ariana!!

Now a little something about Papa.
I love when I sense His Presence; at times He overwhelms me and delights me beyond description.  At other times I sense nothing.   Kind of a mountain top experience verses the normal dusty path of everyday stuff.

This faith walk is definitely not about sight.
Yet, even when I do not sense His Presence there is plenty of evidence that He is still with me.
He answers my prayers (!) and in ways that there is no doubt that it was Him at work.  I am always amazed that He pays such close attention to my concerns, both small and huge!

My dear daughter-in-law started a new job a while back, which worked for her in most ways.  However there was one primary person who was miserable, very disrespectful and arrogant  Others told her that this particular person was always like this and many had left because of the situation.
I asked Papa to give him some attention.
Things got worse and Mindy gave her notice.
It seems that this did the trick.  A hard heart was softened and wonder of wonders a dramatic change has taken place!  Mindy is now staying right where she is.

That is just one example and I am sure that some could just write it off to coincidence.  Not me.  I know my Papa.  Anyway there are more examples than I have time to list here.

Walking with Papa is just that.  He is beside me, not up in the heavens looking down on me.  Though He is there too.
My favorite commentator, Jill Carattini recently wrote of a grief that she had experienced.  At the time she wondered where God was, as it seemed that His Throne was empty.  Then she realized,
"The Throne was empty because the One who fills it had stepped down to sit beside us as we cried."
What a gift! 

My Bible study group looked at the name that is often used for our God, "The Living God.'  He is alive in ways that we cannot even imagine.  He is always active, moving, flowing, vibrant; the Living God is everywhere.  This means that each one of us can connect with Him and invite Him to join us in every detail of our lives.  When He is in it we experience life that is truly living!

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