Friday, May 20, 2011

Conversations within the Community

"Pray your way through the day."  Dr. Robert Cook
Dr. Cook was one of the first teachers that I heard on the radio, as I sought to learn more about the Savior who had drawn me to Himself.  The man is one of my all-time favorites.  He sounds so kind and caring and his teaching is very practical and down-to-earth.  I refer to him as my "spiritual father," as I have learned so much from him.   I look forward to meeting him in glory, which is where he is.

Prayer was something he spoke of during every broadcast.  He admonished his listeners to pray over everything; before answering the phone, rising from bed, beginning a conversation, shopping, everything!  That means we have a continual conversation going on with our heavenly Father.
For a long time I would practice putting his advice into action.  After a time it became second-nature.

These days I have a hard time telling whether I am always praying or simply assuming Papa will guide in each detail.  I am His and am certain that He is leading, but I want to become more aware again of relying upon Him.  So I am going to begin once more with the basics and deliberately pray over all the details of my day.  
I want to be reminded more of the spiritual versus the material world.  I am part of a heavenly community and want to live accordingly.  This morning Jill Carattini made a comment in her contribution to "Slice of Infinity." 
"The very community we long for is governed by the One who longs for us to be in it."

A good reminder than Papa wants me (us) to be fully in His Kingdom, not just hovering around the perimeter, as community reflects interaction, not just observation.

Papa gave me this cool picture this morning, as I read a few verses in Hebrews Six, verses eighteen and nineteen.  They tell us that hope is set before us and it is both sure and steadfast.  This reminded me that Jesus had something set before Him which is why He endured the Cross.  It was joy.
Hope that is certain of what our future holds because of what Jesus did for us.  Joy that He would open the way for relationship with us through His death.
The picture formed of His joy calling to our hope and both being drawn to one another.  Drawn together until they were intertwined in a way that is inseparable!  The Master Weaver weaves us into the fabric of His of His community, which is His Kingdom, with joy!

To fully enjoy community we need to take part in it.  That includes good, deep conversations.  With our God that means prayer. 
When I see Him, I want to recognize His Face and His Voice.

According to some the end is coming this weekend, which means I would be seeing Him very soon.  I take no stock in what they say.  Jesus said that NO ONE knows the day or the hour, but the Father. 

I do know that He could return at any moment.  We are told to be ready.  Whether it is this weekend or in a thousand years, I want to and need to live as if it were today.
So I will continue my conversation with my Papa in confidence that He, indeed, has everything in hand!

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