Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Light and Gladness

I discovered the most delightful Scripture verses while preparing for a Bible study that I attend.
"Light is sown like seed for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart.  Be glad in the LORD, you righteous ones; and give thanks to His holy name." 
Those words are found in the ninety-seventh Psalm.  I am sure that I have read them many times in the past, but this time they seemed to come to life with the reading.  A picture formed in my mind and stirred my heart.
I saw seeds of light flying from Papa's Hand, seeds that scattered across the land and fairly covered it.  He, the sower, did the sowing with joy and was fully engaged in the doing.  His whole body took part in the broadcast with gusto!
Light dispelling darkness and bringing gladness with it.  What a amazing scene!

James refers to our God as the "Father of lights."  That He is.  Pure light.  As James also tells us, there is no variation, nor shifting shadow in Him and from His hand comes every good thing and perfect gift.  That's my Papa.

The light and gladness are not reserved for special occasions.  Unfortunately, they can be overlooked because we are taken up with one concern or another.   Some days my attention is captured by His grace so fully that I revel in His light and drink deeply from the cup of gladness.  At other times it is as if I am wearing blinders and am oblivious to my thirst for the things that He brings to me.  Many a day I am absorbed in some detail of life and Papa, in His grace, causes me to look beyond it.  I find it amazing that I would not be totally entranced by Him every moment of my day and am so grateful that He knows my frame and is so gracious and patient with fragile, little me.

I am learning to recognize that every joy and pleasure in my life is from His Hand. 

Today I finished listening to Dickens' "Great Expectations."  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am delighted that the author was given such a gift of writing and also for the fine narrator.  It was well done by both.  To me a well written book is one of those light-seeds that Papa sows into my life.  Sown for what?  Sown, I believe, to learn from and to enjoy.  Learning takes many forms.  There is much to gain from a good book! 

My husband disappeared today.  Actually he simply stepped outside, but that is an unusual occurrence, which caused me to search for him. 
A few days ago I had pointed out to him a scratch on the side of my car.  I thought it was deep and permanent and would be in need of a paint job, which is costly.  Well, when I found Ray he had just finished rubbing out the scratch with some kind of compound!
My honey had taken initiative and had become engaged in something!
Light and gladness were in abundant evidence!
Thank You, Papa!!

The light that was scattered in abundance on Mother's Day and the gladness that accompanied it made me giddy.  Three of our four sons were in attendance.  Our Jonathan arrived with lobsters in tow.  He and Timothy had planned the meal and Chef Jonathan prepared it.  He is an excellent cook!

Prior to Jonathan sequestering himself in my kitchen, there were outside games as we all enjoyed a small fire in the fire pit that Matt had recently built.  Being surrounded by these large men, who are my sons, watching them interact with one another is pure joy for me.  So much light and gladness!!

One moment of the day stands out for me.
Everyone of our sons has been affected deeply by Ray's accident and ensuing condition.   The evidence shows up in different ways for each one.

Getting ready to leave, Jon hugged his dad.  The two stood in the embrace for quite a few minutes.  Each rested their head on the other's shoulder.
Ray's expression was one of peace and contentment.  Nothing is more important to him than a good relationship with each of his sons.
Jon's face reflected a mix of  love, sorrow and helplessness.  How he must long to be able to make his father whole again.
A tender, poignant moment.  Definitely from the Sower of light.  Light, to be certain, but gladness was there also.  Gladness that Papa is in every moment of our lives.  Gladness that He is taking the broken things and making something new and good and lasting.

I am glad in Him and do give thanks to His holy name!

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