Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Telephone poles cracked in half, trees toppled over the roads all taking a myriad of wires with them, which left the majority of the residents and businesses in a good part of our state without power. 
Without power means no electricity, nor heat for most, as well as no water for those of us with wells.
It also means no Internet!!  I had no idea how dependent I am on it!

Having heard the weather report, we ended our retreat early on Saturday.  As we ate our last meal together the snow began to fall.  Within twenty minutes quite a bit had accumulated, which made the drive home much more interesting than usual!

Besides slippery conditions many roads were impassable due to the fallen trees.  Poor trees!  There was nothing gentle with the way they cracked, nor fell!  The storm was brutal; heavy, wet snow clinging to the stubborn leaves, which had refused to fall to the ground for the year.
Add nervous drivers into the mix and it was a challenge to say the least!
On a good day I question how many received their driver's license; on a day where the road conditions are bad that question is underscored!

As of last night our family now has a generator, so we have heat, lights and water.  Thank You, Papa!
Many still do not and I hope that we do not overlook anyone that we can share our comfortable conditions with in the duration!

Through all of this I have had so many thoughts to share here, but with no way to do it.  Very frustrating!

I have been jotting a few notes down in hopes that I wouldn't lose all the words that have been filling my mind.  Much of it will have to wait for now.  I am using my friend's computer and she will be needing it shortly.

The night before last I headed to Starbucks because they have WiFi.  I ordered some fancy decaf thing so I would feel comfortable sitting in their shop.  I don't generally enjoy their products.
Settling down with the steaming cup and powering up my laptop is as far as I got that night.  I could not get on line.  It asked for a password and I got confused.
Hey, I am not that computer savoy...It is a new laptop and I am not that familiar with it yet, so it just threw me.

On the way home I asked Papa if He was trying to tell me that I don't need to write...
My book has been on hold with all the activity that goes on in my home, as well as me sorting through all the feelings that our adventure has stirred in me. 
So am I not suppose to write??
A question came to mind...What would you do with all those words that come to you and cry to be expressed?
Oh, so this is just a way of encouraging me to focus on my writing, of urging me to give it more attention?

Something else that has been underscored through this latest adventure is that even though I do rely upon electricity and the Internet for many things, I am fine without them simply because the truth is that I am truly dependent upon just one thing...My Papa!

He takes care of His girl and all His children.
Papa used the storm and its results to extend my retreat in a way.

Sure I had to lug buckets of water from the grateful that we have that pool!
My headlamp became part of me....very glad for this gift from Matt that had seemed curious to me at the time.
Cooking was interesting....we do have a gas stove, so it was more about being creative with that which was ready to perish!
I could go on, but though we had some chores to do there was much time to be still.  It is sobering to realize just how much of our time is taken up with electronics!

In place of all those electronics...
There was game playing....
Sitting, watching the fire in the fireplace....another blessing!
Time to just be...

And above all was a sense of His Presence and an assurance that He has everything under control.

Yes, I am dependent, but totally upon Him!

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