Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Being Watched Over

On the rare occasion I tune into a Christian radio station while driving from one errand to another.
Today was one of those times.
Just in time to hear a comment that got me thinking.....

"Don't we all want to know that we are being watched over?"
The speaker, R C Sproul made the distinction between being watched by someone like Big Brother and someone who cares watching over us.

My mind explored this further.

This kind of caring concern implies a close relationship rather than an impersonal acquaintance.  It also implies that we are never alone, nor forgotten.
I get the picture of a caring parent watching over their little one.

That is what this blog's previous posting was about.  Being seen, really seen.

We can all tell when someone is really seeing us.
They listen.
You have their attention.
They are listening with their heart.

Papa sees us and listens with His Heart.

This kind of listening communicates love.

On a number of occasions I have witnessed a person's response when they realize that they are being seen and heard and that it is with love.
They soften.
I love it!

Earlier today I read an article in my favorite magazine, World.
Mindy Belz wrote this one page article on William Levi, a Sudanese man.  The man had escaped from captivity by Sudan's Islamic army.
He did not grow bitter.

William knew that he was loved, first by his God and secondly by his family.
His family bid him farewell with their blessing and the assurance that their prayers would follow him wherever he went.
He knew he was seen and heard even in the midst of devastating circumstances.

William Levi made it to the United States over time, gained an education and career and then launched Operation Nehemiah.
He did not forget those that were left behind.
The ministry seeks to rebuild walls-the walls of family and community.
So people can know they are seen and heard.

First Peter, Chapter Five, verse seven says,
"Cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you."
His caring is to show concern according to the Greek, which is the language the Old Testament was originally written.

What a gift to know that our God not only sees us, but is concerned for us.
He watches over us and listens to our hearts.
After all, He is our Papa!

Once we experience this truth, it is then time to extend such a gift to others!

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