Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fancier Footwork

This morning Papa showed up in His dancing shoes and swept me right off my feet!

He makes me giddy! The joy of my salvation is on overdrive…

There are times, when I open His Word and it touches the very depths of my heart and soul. This is one of those times.

At the beginning of every year my LORD and I spend time conferring over what scripture I should be claiming and then praying for each of the Reynolds’ clan. He neither waited for the end of the year nor for me to ask this time.

It all started earlier this week.

Each day of the week I , of course, pray for all the family, but with a bit more focus on one person or another. This week the Holy Spirit kept redirecting my prayers to new perspectives, which came from fresh scripture.

So encouraging! A reminder of His love for all my dear family.

Saturday is the day He and I focus on me.

True to how He has been leading these past few days, Papa revealed the emphasis that I am to have regarding what He desires for His girl.

"Rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer.”

That is Romans Twelve, verse twelve.

As I read this verse, I thought to myself that I do seek to practice these things.

-He has always kept the hope He gives fresh in my heart.

-He also always encourages and comforts me to keep handing on.

-And I know He has called me to pray.

However, at this time, Papa has taken these three and implanted them more deeply into my spirit.

As I received this gift from Him, the joy was more than I could contain!

I have asked Him to write them on my heart….


It may be painful at times, but the pain will be wrapped in grace and infused with joy!

I hope it is a fitting epitaph for me when my life on earth is over.

The dance steps get more intricate, but my Papa always takes the lead!

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