Tuesday, November 22, 2011

To See and Be Seen

Ray and I took a trip to Home Depot this evening.  It was my third visit to the place this past week.
As they say the third time's the charm, thanks to a very helpful woman in the window treatment department.
I learned my new thing for the day, thanks to her.  I never knew there was so much involved in choosing a set of blinds for one's window!

Having said the above I need to say that this posting doesn't concern the helpful woman, nor her employer. And it is a bit of a stretch to say the blinds tie in, but I am going to attempt it!

We needed blinds so neighbors and passing cars do not have the option of viewing what goes on in our kitchen once it is dark. The window is a bow so it would be a full view and I'm afraid they might find it so entertaining that they would make a regular habit of watching!
Well, maybe not, but I do prefer no one being able to see me, if I can't see them. 
I want their vision blocked.
There I made it fit!

It was our trip to the store and then back home that got me thinking about seeing.

Recently I have noticed that I do not see that well when driving at night.  Tonight was no exception. 
The rain amplified my problem.

I started to consider what this would mean for Ray and I, if there isn't a remedy for my vision problem.
We would be home bound once the sun goes down.  Yikes!

A number of years ago I had the same problem and a dear friend, who is a doctor, recommended flaxseed oil.  After a few weeks of taking the stuff I realized that my night-vision was much improved.
A while ago I stopped buying the product thinking I could save a little money.  Bad move.
Guess what I am buying tomorrow?

My musings about seeing did not stop there.....

There is a convalescent home a couple miles from our home.  I am not certain what the criteria is to be accepted as a resident, but I have my ideas.
Quite often I see older men walking to town from the facility. 
They walk alone with their head down.
There is always a brown bag in their hands for the return trip.  The bag gives all appearance of being from the local liquor store.

How lonely they seem to me.


That's what their body language says to me.

I am wondering if Papa wants me to visit that place to let them know that they do not go unnoticed?

We'll see, but really how different are these men from so many in this world?

I study people.  How they hold themselves tells a lot. 
Their mouths alone say much without uttering one word.
Down turned and grim. 
Lips pressed together.
There are many more of those than ones that reveal smile lines and an openness to their world.
Not many are comfortable with themselves.

I know.
I was one of them.

Afraid to allow anyone to really see you.
Surely they would reject you, if they could see who you really were.

Self-protection is the watch word.
The lies had done their job and now you need to hide so no one will see.
What is doubly sad is that you dare not allow anyone in and thus none of your relationships run very deep.

I would still be hiding out if I hadn't been startled by the Extravagant Love of my Savior.

What a surprise it was to learn that not only was I seen, but in the seeing I was and am loved!
Such joy to have such a One lift your head and fill your heart!

This knowledge has improved my sight.
Maybe not physically, but how I see others and myself.

It is my prayer that everyone, everywhere would experience the joy of knowing they are seen with love by the Almighty God!

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