Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Still Learning

For the past hour I have sat in front of this new laptop of mine attempting to become a little more familiar with its way of doing things. Its ways are different than my old PC and now I need to adapt to these changes.

To be honest I do not want to have to learn a new way. The old way worked well and I was very comfortable with it!

All I want to do is boot up the computer and do my thing. Whether writing a new post for this blog, handling finances or checking Facebook, among many other things, I just want to do what I have been doing.

I do not want to have to figure out how Google Chrome’s autocomplete works, besides I can’t even find it!

And hey, where is iTunes? How about the program for my Blackberry??

It would be lovely if someone just took this beautiful new machine, found and organized all that stuff and then gave it back ready for action!

Oh, oh the brat is showing her colors again….

Down girl!!

There are quite a few mentions of what I do or do not want in just a short space. Such an attitude isn’t fitting for Papa’s girl….

As I sit back and seek my Savior’s help in getting a little different perspective, I am reminded of the title given to a devotional thought by Oswald Chambers that I noted in my journal just yesterday.
“The Undetected Sacredness of Circumstances.”
Every circumstance is sacred because He is in our midst.


He has something for His child in every situation.
Even something like having to learn how to work with a new computer!

What could He have for me in this little situation?

-An opportunity to help those neurotransmitters keep sparking and growing. Not such a bad thing for this sixty year old brain!

-A gentle reminder that when I start getting a bit crazed and impatient it is usually that I am feeling overly-responsible and pressured. Both unnecessary. All the stuff will get done or not, but Papa reminds me to not let it distract me from the good part, which is Him.

-And the realization that once I learn all this new fangled stuff I will have more tools available to me.

There is more, I am sure, but just these three are pretty good. And the best part is that it all sets me up to be able to serve Him from a stronger place!

Papa blessed me with this new computer for His glory.

I am always telling Him that I want to do all things for Him and His glory.

All things…

Ministering to my husband and family, which includes all the details of running a home…
Caring for friends and reaching out to people far and wide, in whatever form it takes….

All for His glory.

I love the picture that is drawn by the Scripture that fills the heading of this blog. I especially love the phrase..
“For we are a fragrance of Christ to God…”
That is one sweet fragrance!

It is a picture of sacrifice.

Of course it is, for Jesus was the Sacrifice and it is His fragrance that we carry.

During Bible study last night we turned to a number of different passages, but one captured my attention and I made note of it.

We were reading from Isaiah One where God calls the people’s sacrifices worthless.

They were going through the motions, but their hearts weren’t in all of it.

In the Old Testament God makes it very clear what kind of sacrifices are acceptable. They must be of quality, no cutting corners, no compromising.

True sacrifice is an act of obedience. Willing obedience.

So whether I am at this computer or making a meal, I want to remember that there is a sacredness about each moment because He is there and I want to enter into each moment with Him and for Him wholeheartedly!

That is one lesson that I am eager to learn!

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