Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To His Glory!

Over the past two weeks I have read three books.
Three books, three different topics, three different authors, but one Source...
That meant that each topic was viewed through the lens of God.

The authors wrote with an urgency.
God had given them a message and they sought to deliver it.
And they did.

"The Undeserved Miracle" by Antonio Marques Jr. (as told to Franklin E Rutledge) told the story of God's grace in Antonio's life.
Tony was in a terrible car accident.  I remember the accident, as it happened about a mile and a half from our home.  Our son, Matt, saw the aftermath and was shaken.
The car was a crumpled bit of metal; so destroyed that it was impossible to even tell that it had been a car.

Tony's best friend died in that accident.
The medical team told Tony's parents that he would die too so they should go home and make funeral arrangements.
But Papa had other plans...

One of the first people to come across the accident, was Carol, a woman that I have known for years.  She and her daughter saw Tony's body in the street and went to him.  He looked very bad, but Carol laid her hands on him and asked God to spare his life.
He did.

That was eight years ago.
Tony is in a wheel chair, but the joy of the LORD radiates from him.
He wrote the book so many could hear of God's mercy and grace.  He wants Jesus to get the glory.
That is his daily goal.

Tony's story increased my joy.  Our God is a faithful and merciful God!

A dear friend, Sergey Akhmedzyanov, who happens to be a Russian pastor, has written an important book, "Russia and America at the Crossroads."
The message he had to deliver concerns the national identity of our two countries and really is a warning for all nations of the world.
Sergey recounts the history of his country and shows how trying to built a nation on any foundation apart from God ultimately leads to failure.
He is greatly concerned for the direction that our nation, the United States, is taking.
He is not alone.

My friend's words of explanation regarding the importance of being concerned for and involved in what is happening in one's own country spoke to my heart.  I had never heard them laid out so succinctly.
This was from my God.

I rejoice in this author's desire for God's glory!

"Stand Up and Fight," by Barry Austin is the third and final book that has had my attention recently.
The writer did not say anything that I did not already know, but his book was a good reminder, particularly, of the power of prayer.
When you pray for specific concerns, situations and people in the situations, it can begin to get stale.
Day after day, week after week, how do you pray?  What else can you say?

However, if we first spend time with Jesus and then let Him lead you, you will be surprised at the life that comes back into your tired words.
Why?  Because time with Jesus refreshes our spirits and reminds us that we are bringing these prayers to the Living God, who is deeply interested in what we have to say.
I was reminded of who I am and the power that is available to me.  I need but tap into it!

This writer longs to see God's glory reflected in our our lives.  Me too!

There is another author, who has written a number of books and I have read them all, many times!
He is the Apostle Paul.

Just this morning I read what he wrote to the church in Thessalonica.  It was in his second letter to them, the first chapter.
He said that Jesus will be coming to be glorified in His saints.
What struck me was the next few words.
"And to be marveled at among all who have believed..."
Just think, no matter how much we get to know Him here, no matter how amazed we are by what we learn and experience of Him here...
We will be awestruck when we see Him face-to-face! 
There are times when I am bowled over by God, but in comparison to that wonderful day in the future, it is but a glimpse!

Paul continues by saying that he was praying for the Christians to live in a way that glorified the Name of our LORD Jesus.  He didn't stop there, but continued to say that the glory was to be in them also!

Our God not only covers our sins and gives us heaven, but He , the King of Kings, reaches down and takes our hand to lift us from the position of His subject to make us His friends and fellow partakers of His glory!!

To quote Paul...
"Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only true God, be honor and glory forever and ever.  Amen!"

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