Wednesday, July 27, 2011


On my last birthday one of the gifts that Mindy gave me was a daily calendar dedicated to the topic of motherhood.
Each day's comment is by a different person who was either commenting on their own mother or attempting to define what it means to be a mother.

The contributions ranged from memories of how their mom perpetually served leftovers that's origin was long forgotten to the fact that being a mother does not end when one's children have reached adulthood; it is a lifetime position.

My family chuckled over the comment about the meals.  I am known for gathering up the leftovers and making something new that will never, ever be able to be recreated. 
I hate waste, so I think that helps me become creative in such instances.

As far as the duration of motherhood, it is indeed for life and beyond!
It is a connection that never ends  The way of connecting changes, but it is through a bond that's glue is love.

How would one define motherhood?  It is far more than giving birth and then caring for and raising a child.  It is envisioning a future and a hope for them.   Few do not have grand visions as they hold their child for the first time.  We desire the best for our precious ones.

Mothers are studies of their children.  We know them; their weaknesses and strengths, as well as their bent.

I have learned that what is best is for them to know they are loved; not only by their mother and family, but especially by the Mighty God.  This will put them on the path of a bright future filled with hope.  God alone knows how to take all that makes up a person and make it all come together for good.  He is our designer and He knows what will best fit that design.
Something else that I have learned is that all I can do is love them myself and give them opportunities to encounter Papa.  The true encounter is nothing that I can manufacture.

When I know that any one of my children is in relationship with Him, then I can rest in the knowledge that they are secure in Him. 

What got me going on this theme of motherhood?

Today is our third son's birthday.  Jonathan is twenty-seven.
I have been thinking of his birth day and all the days that have followed.  The memories are innumerable.
Some bring a smile and even a hearty laugh.  Others were difficult and happily in the past.  All represent the path that he has taken.  A path with some doubling back and some zigs and zags, but one that he has not walked alone.
Of that I am glad.
I want to celebrate.
Not only Jonathan's life, but God's mercy and faithfulness!

I also want to celebrate the privilege of being a mother.  It is one of my favorite roles!!

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