Friday, July 8, 2011


As I was spending some alone time with Papa this morning, a fresh revelation came my way.

A number of people and a few situations had come up in our conversation.

A codependency group gathers every other week, at our home, on Wednesday evenings.  We gained a new attender this week.  After a little conversation it became obvious that Papa lead her to us.   She has been struggling for a long time, a struggle for peace and a sense of worth.
We know there is only One who gives "peace that passes all understanding" and who treasures us with no ulterior motives.

Then there is the barbecue that a few of us have organized for my friends at the rehab.  It is happening tomorrow...
Many loose strings had needed gathering up.  One by one they came together. I was thanking and praising Papa for His help.

That is when it hit me...

Prayer is simply a conversation with my God, my Savior, my Papa.
In relationship with Him we learn, not only, more about Him, but also His will.  As we walk with Him, over time we become more and more like minded.
What hit me this morning was that it wasn't me searching out people to join the Wednesday group, nor was it me who had this grand idea to do something for the guys at the rehab.
No, it was Papa.
He had put it in my heart and then He grew it.

One Sunday I was musing over what to do for the guys and how to do it. In one moment and (!) I had the answer. Even though I didn't go over the details right then, but I knew they all were there for me to think through later on.

He has supplied all the help and all the stuff that was needed to make it a good day.
A tent?  No problem!  My friends are putting it up in the morning before heading off on vacation!
Ideas for games?  All taken care of!
Clothing for everyone of my guys?  Bag after bag has found its way to us!
Food & beverages?  One by one either the item was donated or money was contributed!
People to come alongside me?  One of my dear friends and one of Ray's have gone above and beyond!
Many other willing hands will join us for set up and then stay through until all is cleaned up!
A speaker?  He gave me the name and, of course, our speaker is available!

I praise my God, not because He answers my petitions, but that He fulfills His plan through me.  He allows me to be His hands and feet! 
Glory to Jesus!!

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