Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can't Wait!

What are we waiting for?
It seems to me that through all of life we are waiting for something.

As a little child we can't wait to be big. 
Then many can't wait until they are old enough for school.
And so it goes...

I can't wait to be...
       A teenager
             Entering high school
                   Able to drive
                           Earning my own money                                  
                                     Going to college
                                            Free to make my own decisions
                                                    On my own
                                                                Meeting that someone special
                                                                        Going on vacation

That kind of thinking pours over into our walk with God.

We are eager to obey to get to the end result; to learn the lesson, become the person that He intends for us, so we can reach the outcome.

Oswald Chambers got me thinking along this line this morning.
It isn't new to my thinking.  I just am giving it more thought.

Do we dream of success as an outcome of God's purpose for me?
Do we go through life waiting for the end result so we can move on?

Papa is training us, not for later, but for now.  To quote O. C.,
"God's end is to enable me to see that He can walk on the chaos of my life just now."
Meaning that He is in the moment, drawing us into the moment.  Much that goes on around us and much of what He has called us to do is for our own benefits.  The fruit that He is seeking is us, not something we do for Him.

My Papa is always speaking to me about being in the moment.  It is so easy to fill one's head with all the plans and concerns that beyond today and often beyond our control.
He would have me (us) take in all He offers and is doing and teaching in this moment.

An example comes to mind. 

Often Papa urges me to love on someone and give them some special attention.  Other times He directs me to speak into another life.
If I obey in anticipation of what will happen, I will often be disappointed.  However, should I simply obey out of a joy to bless my God, well then I am blessed and free to enjoy the moment unhindered by my expectations!

I am so grateful that my God is all about grace.  He knows I am weak and am but dust.  He is very, very patient.
Little by little I am learning to embrace His perspective.  That means I will not look for the end result, but seek to discover abundant life in the now.

By the way, there is one thing that I can't wait for, which I am certain He doesn't want me to change:
I cannot wait to see Him face-to-face!!


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