Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Family Memo

Matt has been making fun of Mindy and me.  He often comes upon the two of us having discussions about any number of things.  Quite often after a meal is over we will continue to sit at the table and talk for a while.  There is always much to discuss:
-Household details: menus and grocery lists, concerns for one another, schedules, et cetra.
-Family at large, which gives us a lot to talk about!
-Others that are either going through a blessed time or are struggling.
-Faith and what that means in all of the above.

The comparison has been made between our conversations and the TV show, The View.  Matt says that all we need is two more people to balance out the panel.
Funny guy!

Well, we have decided that were we to take this show on the road we would call it The Family Memo.  There are a couple of people that Mindy and I feel would fit well to round out our little panel.  One of which is Tim's ex-girlfriend.
We don't think he would be too receptive to the idea....

In the meantime, we might just try a paper version that sums up our conclusions.  It would be distributed within our little household on a weekly basis.
A few of the comments for this week's memo would be as follows:

-Roo (our kitty) please use the new route to the rafters or you will be footing the bill for screen repairs!
-Tim, the trash can is under the porch not on it!
-Also Tim, we are requesting all young ladies to wear more than bikini bottoms and small tops while lounging on said porch...there are other men on the premises.
-The grocery fairies cannot be relied upon to notice all items that need replacing.  There is a white board available-use it!
-Mom and Mindy will be out for a while, as they are on a mission to help that marriage, new parents, etc.
-After serious review we have been able to identify why some persons get under our skin so very easily - speak to us for clarification.  It has to do with all the drama we two experienced in our separate households growing up...
-All toilet lids must be down, as Roo doesn't know that cats do not like water!
-No cell phones at the dinner table.  This means no texting or surfing the Internet to be exact!
-Mom and Mindy will be out for a while, as it is time to check out Retail 101 again.
-Senior and Junior Arborists, Matt and Tim please shake off before entering the house at the end of the day.  The wood chip trails give the impression that beavers live here.
-Yes, there are cold cuts for the week.  You just have to move an item or two in the fridge to find them!
-Oh yes, Matt and Tim we would appreciate no more conversations about intestinal issues at the dinner table.
-Ray, as the official loader of the dishwasher please stack items side to side, as they do not clean well on top of each other.  Mindy is determined that she is going to get a food borne illness!

Some of what is found on the Family Memo takes no time to discuss, which is good, as there is always something of more substance to discuss and, hopefully, solve in the end.
That is where faith comes in.  Confidence that there is One who has all the answers.
He is a permanent member of the panel, actually Papa is the Chairman!

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