Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Becoming Real

Discovering little treasures throughout my day has become a grand adventure.

The more I look...

           The more I find....

                       The more grateful I become.....

                                   The more I look....

You get the idea.

Instead of being overlooked and left dormant (in a sense), the sweet gifts from Papa seem to come to life.
Or maybe by stopping and taking them in, I am discovering how vibrant with life they are?

The veneer of ice across a pond....
Shadows cast across the yard by bright sunlight....
That sunlight filtering through the trees....
Light reflecting off a glass heart in one of my desk's cubbies....

So much beauty, so much He is saying through each one.

Besides all the little sweet love notes that Papa has scattered throughout my days He has seen fit to use some new material to draw me even closer to His heart.

Last week a friend passed me a devotional booklet written by Selwyn Hughes.
I had never read anything by him, but am so very glad to have been introduced to his material now!

Each daily devotion is just one page, yet so rich and deep.
He stays on one topic for two months at a time.
This particular one is entitled
            "Reality - The Road Less Traveled"
Mr. Hughes explores what reality is and concludes that the Living God is true reality.
We seek all kinds of things, but until we find Him, we do not really find what is real.

He argues that, not only is Jesus the living reality, but apart from Him we are not truly real ourselves.
Here's how he put it,
"We cannot be real people until we come in contact with the ultimate reality-God."
This made me think of The Velveteen Rabbit.  The stuffed animal became real because of his boy's love.

I know that the day I encountered my LORD is the day that I truly began to live.

The world around us can bog us down at times, but there is Papa always seeking to draw us back into real living.

At the beginning of this month I believe I shared the Scripture that Papa gave me for this year.
Romans, chapter Twelve, verse twelve.
"Rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer."
For this to mark my life I must be alive in Him.

Seeking Him and watching for all His treasures stirs up His life in me.

Today I came across that verse quoted from another Bible translation that uses the word instant instead of devoted so it reads,
"instant in prayer."
I picture it this way: I am alive in Him, aware of His Presence and blessings then prayer will be like breathing in and out. 
No hesitation in communicating with my Papa!

In His Presence we discover more fully how much He loves us and as we receive that love we become really real.

Discovering His gifts and enjoying them relieves us of the concerns over the stuff in our lives and allows us to experience freedom of living in Him.  His gifts are so much more valuable than any of the other things we seek to collect.
All His gifts come from His love and are meant to express that love.
Nothing else comes close.
Cause nothing else is really real!

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