Friday, January 6, 2012

A Matter of Trust

Here I sit gathering my thoughts, when I realize that my journal is not within reach. 
Well, I guess I will just have to proceed without it.

Why am I not willing to move the three feet it would take to retrieve said journal?
Because I have the sweetest kitty curled up on my lap and her motor is going.

Rue needs a little extra TLC right now. 
She is missing her mommy and daddy.
Penny misses them too, but her way of coping is by hiding in the downstairs bed's box spring. 
She is skittish on a good day.
In her opinion it is not a good day so she does not dare to let anyone come near her.

Matt and Mindy are still in the process of moving all their stuff into the new place and it makes it simpler not to move their kitty-children yet.
They want everything settled so that it won't be any more traumatic for Penny than necessary.
Rue will adjust, but she loves to explore and too many opening doors would prove far to tempting for her!

When our furry grand-kitties leave we will begin our search for our own four-footed friend.

It seems like there is too much change going on these days!

I don't think I am ready for this empty-nest, retirement living!

My friend assures me that she and her husband do not talk over their dinner, as they have nothing left to say after spending the whole day together.
Well, my honey has little to say throughout the whole day so dinner just underscores his silence.

I decided to try something to liven things up a little.
Into the game closet I went and out I came with my first attempt: Mancala.

When Ray and I sat down for dinner it was with that game between us.
After thanking Papa and asking His blessing over our meal we began to play.
As the game proceeded it occurred to me that there could be a side benefit to this tact.

My honey has to strategize.
Not so easy for him these days. 
In years gone by he always gave me a run for my money, but not so this time.

I think we will stick with this game for a while. 
At least for now.

Yes, just for now...
Just for today...
One day at a time....
Hm mm I have heard that somewhere....

It is a matter of trust.

Last night my phone rang and it was one of my dearest friends calling. 
The hour told me that it wasn't good news.
Her precious thirty year old daughter, who is a mother of two little ones, was just rushed to the hospital.
Allison had a severe headache that would not quit.

The prognosis did not look promising.

As I prayed with my friend, a thought came whose originator, I believe, was Papa.

We say we trust our God, but often there is a fear lurking behind the scenes.

What if His will is to allow the pain and the sorrow?
What if He chooses to heal our loved one on the other side of glory and leave us bereft?

In my heart of hearts I know that He is trustworthy...
I know that He truly works all things out for good...
I have experienced it for myself.
Yet, I too seem to hold my breath in face of the what could-bes.

None of us want to face the pain or loss that comes with life, but it is inevitable.

I have some thoughts on why we struggle in fear when facing the hard things..
Why we grieve so deeply the loss of a loved one..
Even when we are confident that they are in a most glorious place.

We were not created to experience pain, nor death.
Before the fall there was no death nor any pain.

The fall changed all of that.

We may now be fallen, broken creatures, but deep down we still have the memory of how life was intended to be.
So death is not natural, pain is foreign.

The good news is that it is temporary!
The One who created us for paradise has made the may back for us!

It is simply a matter of trust.

Oh, by the way, Rue moved somewhere along the way, but by then I was headed in a whole different direction than my journal would have taken me.
That entry will be for another day.
At least I trust it will!

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