Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Warmth of His Love

"Are you cold?"
"No, I am fine."
Shortly the nurse returned with a warmed blanket.
"I really felt that I was suppose to cover you with this."
Suddenly I felt enveloped in a gentle warmth and I knew Who was behind her action.


So I thanked her and told her why she had such an urging.  :)

Yesterday I spent preparing for today's procedure.  It was just a routine one recommended by my doctor because of my family history. 
No big deal.

Actually, the fasting part of yesterday's prep was welcome, as fasting always heightens my awareness of Papa's Presence.
Though not necessarily right away!

I spent my preparation day at home, of course, and had the opportunity to do some baking, as well as a few other domestic chores, which often get overlooked in the flurry of daily activities.

It was my intention to spend an extended time focused solely on my precious LORD.

I found it difficult to do so.
Mindless tasks were about all this lady could give herself to.
When I did sit with my Bible and Papa, I found it too tiring to concentrate.
I didn't force it, yet a small voice chastised me for my lack of effort.

It wasn't Papa's voice.

After a much interrupted sleep I got up to have a little one-on-one with Papa before heading off for the medical procedure.
Our time together was rich.

As I read a brief devotional thought out of Anita Corrine Donihue's book When I'm in His Presence, my Savior spoke to me.

His call on my life is not defined by what I like to do, nor by what I imagine He would have me do.
At times I can chafe at the things that come my way which I do not enjoy doing and then at other times I can put expectations on myself that are solely out of my own head!

Last Saturday my friend told me that I need to lighten up.  Those words have come back to me numerous times this past week.
I think Papa is the One bringing them up over and over again.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.
We don't allow ourselves to breathe.
We are too introspective.
Well, I know I can be!

As I thought about this I got the picture of a whole meal laid out before me.
A meal from soup to nuts, as they say!
He wants me (us) to enjoy the whole spread.
Yes, there are veggies, which some might balk at, but there are also the savory sauces and desserts.
He does not restrict our diets to just what appears to be "good for us."
No, He knows that a variety makes for a satisfying meal.

He calls us to obedience, but it isn't only to follow the rules, but to savour the life He has spread out before us.
Papa especially desires us to drink in His love for us.

Over and over I find myself amazed by His grace....
By His tender touch....

That blanket this morning was His reminder to me of His tender love; the warmth of His love.

What better way to lighten up than to......
"Keep yourselves in the love of God...."

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