Friday, February 3, 2012

Miles of Hats?

The vehicle I am driving now has been on the road for two weeks.
In that amount of time I have found a way to log over seven hundred miles on the lovely creamy white Forester.

Unfortunately, it was easy.

I do not wander around aimlessly.
No not I.
I fill ever mile with purpose!

It all has to do with the hats I wear.

In church circles, for quite a few years, I was known as the "hat lady".
I use to collect hats and had more than enough for any occasion, in a multitude of colors.

My hat collection has been retired.
Yet, I still seem to be wearing many hats.
Who doesn't?

I have the sister hat, which took me down to Long Island to visit one of my sisters.  It was suppose to be a visit with all three, but two were down for the count, so sister Chris and I got one another to ourselves.  Very lovely!
However, this began the rapid changing of the numbers on my ride's odometer.

The mother hat came into use on that New York trip, as one son is down there too.  Of course, no one lives in the same town or vicinity of one another! 
Click, click, click went that dutiful meter.

Once home this self-same hat made a trip to yet another son's home to wait for a repairman.
I got to visit with Rue on that trip, which was such fun.
Well, it was once she would acknowledge me.

I had to explain to Rue that as far as I was concerned she could have lived with me forever.
After that she warmed up and was up to her old lovable ways!

Now back to my collection of hats.
There is the married woman hat.
Actually, there is quite a variety of hats to fulfill that role!

There are the hats that cover all the typical wifely things, but there are a few additional head coverings.
The caregiver style encompasses everything from checking toes for any hint of those unnatural colors of blue to making sure that all medication is not only in the proper dispensers, but that they are ordered and/or in a timely fashion.

All those hats do not stay at home baking chocolate chip cookies.
Though the husband would not mind that at all!

How could I ever keep that mile-counter happy if I didn't climb into the pearly transport on a regular basis?!
That brings us to the chauffeur hat  and running around doing errands headpiece since my honey no longer drives.

Take Ray to the gym.
Pick Ray up from the gym.
Don't forget the pharmacy!
Oh, didn't we need milk??
Time to visit the credit union!

You know the drill, as I am certain that this type of list is not unique to me!

This week has seen much more use of the mother hat.
Our youngest has been miserably sick.


I never knew just how awful that illness is.
But I do now.

The poor guy's glands are so swollen that when he tries to close his mouth, his teeth no longer line up!
His throat is so swollen and sore that he could not swallow his own saliva.

Tuesday morning I awoke to a text from him.
All it said was,
He's twenty-three, but when he is sick you know who he wants.  His mommy, who happens to be me.

That day found me picking him up and driving him to the doctor, which conveniently was after Ray was done with the gym.
Our doctor is not local, as we have had him for years and love him, so we are not changing doctors.
Though when one needs to make regular trips to see him the thirty minute trip each way can get a little old!

Since the visit to the doctor our dear son has needed numerous things, including a little laundry done, as he was running out of essentials.
I am very grateful that my new four-wheeled friend has very comfy seats!  It feels like I am truly becoming one with this vehicle.  both literally and figuratively!

Of course the friend hat hasn't sat in the closet lately either.
It hasn't wanted to stay in the house either, but has insisted on contributing to the tallying of those miles too.

My hat selection wouldn't be complete without the prayer warrior number.
Alas, this one didn't want to be the only one to be stuck in the house all the time so......
Off we went!

At some point in my week this really ugly hat showed its brim....

I call it the martyr hat.

One little comment brought it out into broad daylight.
"How are you holding up?"
Oh, how it loves to get itself to fit snugly on my head!
And it almost succeeded!
But just as the fit was becoming all too comfortably familiar Papa helped me to realize what was happening!

The thought had come that if it settled itself down and got nice and snug, it would be because I was choosing to wear it.
It is not a style that Papa is particularly fond of.
By His grace I don't feel very comfortable wearing it anymore.
Well, not for too long anyway....

After a few deep sighs from me, which made the hideous hat lift its brim in a leering smile...
It thought it might get quite a few miles out of me....
I tossed it down and put on the...

Papa's little girl selection and I climbed up into His lap!

I have gotten many miles on this one without my little Forester!

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