Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Nugget

At the end of a full day I cried out to Papa,
"But Papa how am I to be constant, steadfast in prayer, if I get so many interruptions?"
I love to spend unlimited time with Him, praying at leisure.  That type of opportunity comes rarely these days.
This particular day I arose, brewed my cup of tea and settled down with His Book in my hand.  I like to begin by hearing from Him, opening my heart to His loving ministration.

It was the morning that my friend comes to sit with me and Papa.  It is a lovely prayer time and I wanted to prepare my heart.

The phone rang and it was her saying that she was in crisis mode and would not be able to come.  She needed prayer.
We turned our hearts and minds to our God.

Then it was time to rouse my honey and get him going for his day.

Upon returning from driving him to the gym I headed to my sanctuary.
Ah!  Time to sit at His feet!

After a brief time the phone rang.
It was a dear family member, who needed someone to listen with love....

The time to head to my friends at the rehab had arrived.  As I drove there I committed the time to Papa's safekeeping mentioning that
"apart from Him I could do nothing!"
He and I had a grand time and how my heart was stirred by His love for these precious people!

From there I swung by to pick up my long-time prayer partner.  We usually pray on Friday's after the rehab.
Unfortunately I needed the time to do some banking, as my morning had left no time for it.

We talked to the bank and prayed our way home! (I, the driver, kept my eyes open.)  :)

Fast forward to that cry to Papa.
His response?
"What do you think you were doing today?!"
Silly me. 

Just because my day didn't take on the route that I had laid out for it....

Just because my prayers were not from my little cozy prayer room...

Just because I couldn't shut out the busyness of life while I prayed.....

And just because all my prayers were not even conscious....

Papa showed me that I had, indeed, been constant in prayer!

Isn't He so gracious and so ready to bless our hearts?

He is my great encourager and comforter!

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