Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Spy!

The trick to traveling with young boys with very active minds was to keep them occupied. 
Our sons loved to be read to and so we worked our way through quite a few wonderful books filled with glorious adventures.

The list included books whose stories drew all of us in and definitely helped to pass the time in the car, as well as many an evening at home!
The Newberry award list's offerings included many an enchanting story that captured imaginations, one and all.

The reader (me) would need a break now and again, which meant another diversion was needed!

The game I Spy was a good one. 
Someone would silently select something and say, "I spy something that is....(at this point you insert a descriptive word such as a color or size.)  Every one blurts out their ideas until someone gets it right.  They then get to spy something for others to guess.

I have been thinking about that game because I feel like Papa has engaged me in something very similar....

The wonderful thing about playing with Papa is that there are no wrong answers!
Every discovery is from His Hand.

As I have been pondering the joy of this glorious scavenger hunt I have realized two things.

I know I have referred to this first one already, but it bears emphasizing. 
Each little gift is a treasure and I dare not overlook it because of its size.

A comment by a dear friend brought the second realization to me.

It is important not to set limits on what treasures we will watch for.
By setting our expectations on what we believe would like to find, we miss all that Papa has set before us already!

Certainly let's look with anticipation for what He would have us spy and enjoy, but let's not sit in expectation that He will do so as we prescribe!

Psalm Forty-six, verse Ten goes hand-in-hand for me with the Ninetieth Psalm's Twelfth verse,
"Be still and know that I am God..."
"So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom."
I get still before my God and then in recognition of Who He is I let Him show me how to live.

Life happens in the moment, not at some distant point.
Truly living involves discovering all that He places in my life.
Savoring the gifts is His idea of living...

I spy....

A Mighty God who loves me beyond measure!!

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