Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Unlikely Places?

In route to West Virginia I made two stops in Pennsylvania.
The first was to see the new abode of a wonderful couple that made the move from Connecticut  this past year.
Besides seeing their home, which is lovely (I don't know how it could be better!), it was so very good to see both of them up close and personal! 
It especially did my heart good to see the mister of this couple looking so well after the scare he gave all of us not that many months ago!

After one more hour's travel I arrived at the friend's house where I would be spending the night. 
It is much more pleasant to dot one's trip with friendly visits and less travel, so I now make the trip to my eldest son's home in two days instead of one.

My hostess has been a close friend for thirty-eight years.  In that time we have weathered much that life has to offer and have had many conversations as to how it all relates to Papa.  At times it seems that she is able to hear and understand more clearly than at others, but upon our next visit she will have reverted back to the mixed-bag of teachings she has carried for so many years.
That bag includes having been raised by a woman who was a psychic of sorts and then as an adult getting heavily involved in metaphysics herself.

In seeking to have a explanation that one can wrap our brains around, we often have to resort to shrinking God down to a manageable size.
That is what my friend has done.

Yet, as the years pass, she seems to want to hear more and more from me.  She is now eighty years old.

Last night she was sharing her struggles with depression and anxiety.  Her beliefs tell her that she should be able to take control of these feelings by herself.
The idea obviously brought her distress.
She was also lamenting over many concerns she has for herself, her family and the world.

Through our conversation I spoke of Papa and His promise of peace.  As I spoke light came to her face and joy came to my heart!

How we all need the Good News of God's great love and the sacrifice that was motivated by that love!

This morning after a lengthy breakfast I reluctantly said goodbye to my friend.  I wanted to stay to take part in bringing more light to her heart and life!
Once settled in my car and traveling down the road I turned on my radio and hit search hoping to find a worship station.  (Much easier in this neck of the woods!)
Shortly after settling upon an agreeable station a song began whose words caused my heart to rejoice.
It spoke of the joy of knowing and sharing the news of salvation.  Part of the chorus goes like this...
"That sweet, sweet story of salvation!"
Oh yes, such a sweet story!  One that first brought joy and peace to my own heart and continues to do so over and over.  The joy of sharing this sweet, sweet salvation stirs up the joy afresh every time!

On the first leg of my trip on Monday morning Papa and I had carried on a long conversation.
I have been tired and not feeling myself for quite a while.
Even though His joy and peace have been present, it has been muted.
I have not felt as animated, as I was my norm, these days.

We hashed out many details and covered many subjects until it seemed that we had exhausted every topic that needed our attention.
It felt good, but I still felt subdued.
After speaking with my friend and one very deep, sweet night's sleep I awoke feeling more refreshed than I had in a long time.
Then Papa and I had a sweet time together, which always bodes well for the rest of my day!

I carry my copy of World magazine with me and read an article or two whenever the opportunity arises.  an opportunity presented itself and I had enough time to read a commentary by Janie B Cheaney entitled The God without Pride.  The subject of the article was the role that pride plays in our lives versus how God lacks any pride, as He is not in need of it.
I highly recommend it and would encourage all to go to WORLDmag.com and look for the latest issue dated December thirty-first.
Ms. Cheaney explored what pride looks like in her life and how deceptive it is.
The thought came to me that the cloak of pride that I often wear is held on by the clasp of pride.

As I drove down the road these thoughts returned to me and I explored them move fully with my Papa.  Confessing the layers of pride He helped me to realize were, indeed, there seemed to stir a new vitality in my soul. 
As those layers fell at my feet, by His grace, I felt unbound and more alive once again!

With that another song began to play. 
One I had never heard before.
It was a song from Papa and one line that was repeated over and over was..
"You're my little girl."
Such sweet words to my ears!!

The Almighty One...
The Lover of my soul...
My Papa..
Is found in what might seem like unlikely places.

Driving along the highway...
In the home of a student of metaphysics...
Speaking through the pages of a magazine...

Heaven would seem an unlikely place to be able to confidently call home...
Home for eternity...
But the God who is willing to reveal Himself wherever we are..
To speak to our hearts in whatever condition they may be...
And then make Himself known through us..
Assures us that it is not only very likely, but a certainty that He wants us to make our home with Him for eternity.

Oh that my dear friend would truly receive that Good News for herself!!

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