Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tis the Season... be in a time crunch.

How many times have I reached this time of year and felt this way??
More than I care to count.

The list is a mere shadow of its former self.
Gift giving is much more manageable now.
I have learned to keep it much simpler.

So what is with the crunch?

I have been wondering that myself.
I could say I'm not as young as I use to be, which is true, but not really the cause of this malaise I find myself experiencing.

As I explore below the surface I realize it must relate to more externals than anything within me.

There are too many good things to do.

A few of the offerings from this past weekend:

The Advent Breakfast that has become an annual event for Mindy and me.   A good friend who hasn't fell in love with Jesus yet also looks forward to joining me for this Season kickoff.
That is one morning that is no longer optional for me.

A worship experience on Saturday night.
My heart said yes, my body laid down.

Two friends were in a concert on Sunday.
I would have loved to attend, but I don't wear well. 
After a lovely, moving church service I was ready to put my feet up and do the crossword puzzle.

Throw a few things that needed doing around the house.
Saturday afternoon was slated for the second coat of paint of the kitchen trim.  It had to be done.
The party is next week.

Each year Ray and I throw a Christmas party.
We look forward to having many of our dear friends under our roof at the same time.
It is a grand time without too much effort on our part.

Okay, I have to come up with some game ideas.
I do not know how I will top last year's "Santa and his eight (not so) tiny reindeer."  The sight of our friends singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer while wearing on their head pantyhose whose legs were stuffed with balloons still makes me chuckle!

Yes, there is a bit of set up....
Maybe a little shopping for a few goodies and prizes for those games I am working on.

I do have the gifts for the grab bag.
True to form, I will be wrapping them shortly before the guests arrive!  

I do need to get the men motivated on winterizing that porch...
We need it for the party!

Meanwhile the invitations come in for other parties...
One I will be attending is held by the rehab where I volunteer.
That is a must.

Speaking of the rehab....
Every year I gather gifts for my friends to select from, which they can give to their loved ones.
Where do I gather them from?
Friends who Papa leads to give.

Last year one of the men sat wrapping a gift for his little girl.  He looked up, with tears in his eyes and told me that he didn't think that he was going to have anything to give her for Christmas.  He was very grateful.
That is makes all the effort worthwhile.

This year we are putting together a Christmas party for all the residents of the rehab. 
A first!
It will be held at my church.
Papa has put together the menu.
Roast beef and all that goes with it!

Each year we also fill a gift bag for each one of these precious people. 
They will receive it at the dinner.

Needless to say there are a few details involved to pull this event off.
I thank Papa for those who have stepped up to help!

One dear lady is preparing the mashed potatoes for fifty people.
Others are providing the green beans and salad.
Many are baking cookies for dessert.
The kitchen will be staffed by precious volunteers.
A wonderful man, who happens to be a talented photographer, is going to be documenting our evening and making available photos for them to take with them that night.
Our local butcher is supplying the meat at cost, cooking it, slicing it and placing it on trays, at no extra cost!
The men of our church will be serving with their red bow ties in place.
There will be live music!
Of course there is a speaker.  Just a brief sharing by a man who loves Papa.

Now that I thing about it, I am not tired, I am excited!!

So now the picture is more complete.
You may think to yourself, "No wonder she is in a crunch!"

No, no, no....
I wouldn't change it...
Well, maybe we could spread some of the stuff out into maybe January or some other month that isn't so full...
But not our party!
And, of course, not anything that is happening for my rehab friends!!!

Everyone else can change their plans..
Yes, that sounds wonderful..
Then I won't have to miss any of the festivities!!

What do you think?  Shall we extend the season??

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