Sunday, December 25, 2011

Never-Ending Story!

Here I sit in the midst of the story Papa is weaving of my life.
It is quiet, at the moment.

Our Christmas celebration is so different these days.
Everyone is an adult, which means they have other places to visit along with their momma's.
This means I must share them.

In about two hours the quiet will be invaded by three very masculine voices. 
Mindy and I will attempt to hold our own.

There will be much laughter.
These men of ours are very quick witted. 
So is the lovely Mindy.
The guys take after their father.

An unlikely scene keeps coming to mind over the past few days.
I would have shared it yesterday, but it refused to come back to the surface until now.

I am sitting in science class.
It is my high school freshman year.
The teacher has just thrown a topic of thought out and waits for our responses.

"What if you are simply the figment of some one's imagination?  What if you do not truly exist beyond the confines of their mind?  What if you really have no control over your life, but it is all dependent upon the whim of the one who has thought you up?"
My response was not expressed out loud, as I was extremely timid back then.

Even at that age, though life was not an easy thing for me, I knew in my heart that there was much more to life than the teacher's theoretical offering implied.

I guess this experience came to mind because I have been thinking about the topic of story and storytellers.

Life is not some tidy story.  It can be very messy, but also so very gloriously beautiful.

Take the birth of a child.
It is a messy affair, but very often so beautiful and so satisfying!
As a mother, I know that first cry causes one's heart to leap with joy!

I am sure that Mary's heart responded, as well, with joy when her Newborn gave His first lusty cry!

Were we to have heard that particular cry from that particular Babe, it is certain that our hearts would have involuntarily responded with joy, without even grasping the implications of that cry.

That cry not only confirmed the life of that Infant, but it signaled the life that Infant brought for all mankind. 

What a lovely story!
Not tidy, not easy, but vibrant.
One that does not have an ending...
For it is for eternity...
And it is free to all who would believe and receive!

No, Papa is not some puppeteer nor has He simply thought us up for His entertainment.  He is weaving an incredible story, but we choose whether we only have a bit part or jump in and embrace the role He designed just for us. 
Contrary to the one who would call all the shots, our God has given us the gift of freewill.
The wisest and best thing we can do with that gift is turn it over to Him.

No matter where this adventure takes us, when we trust in Him, we are secure.
I love Psalm One Hundred and Thirty-nine and would encourage everyone to read and meditate on it.  I will share the fifth and sixth verses,
"You have enclosed me behind and before, and laid Your hand upon me.  Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is too high, I cannot attain to it."

It is too much to wrap my brain around, but little by little Papa does reveal more and more to me.  The story, His story unfolds one day at a time and it is lovely!

One of my boys and my favorite stories is The Never-ending Story.
It is a fantasy, which means it is not real.
The gist of the story is that we can recreate a story that is dieing so that it goes on and on.  It is a story that inspires hope.

The story that Papa is weaving is truly a never-ending one. 
The only of its kind!

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