Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It feels like ages since I have had the time to sit down and compose my thoughts here.
I was surprised to see that only three days had passed since my last posting.

Yes, only three days, but three days packed full enough for twice that number!
What filled much of those days involved preparing for last night....

My precious friends from the rehab came to my church for dinner!
Papa intended it to be extra-special and that each one of our guests would receive the message of how valued they are to Him and His family.

I was not the only one who realized His heart for these dear people...

Many were preparing for this evening...
Ovens were turned on...
Cookies were baked..
As well as all the veggies that would accompany the roast beef...
Roast beef, as per Papa, which my butcher roasted, sliced and set nicely in trays with gravy, all at cost!
Gifts were wrapped..
Paper goods and all the other miscellaneous items were purchased...
Instruments were tuned...
A short message was prayerfully written...
Drivers got ready to help shuttle my friends to and from the dinner...

Earlier in the day two dear friends joined me in setting up for the party.  Thankfully much was already in place from previous events.  Thank You, Papa!!

When I arrived in the late afternoon to get ovens going and the like I found that others had beat me there!
For the next hour and a half one-by-one the ranks filled.
Men in white shirts and black pants, donning red bow ties, joined by a few women to serve our guests...
Ladies in aprons scurring around the kitchen, making certain that nothing ran low and all was served warm food...
Faithful photographer, Rob with camera in hand capturing the memories in the making...
Dennis sharing from his heart, which Papa used to touch many hearts...
A live band that rounded out the evening...
Way to go Redeemed!!
And later that night, my pastor with his sleeves rolled up at the sink, washing pans!

The precious ones whom we were serving were amazed by everything.
Many asked,
"You all did this just for us?"
"Yes, just for each one of you!"
Oh that they would realize that Jesus did so much more for each one of them!  He went to the Cross with them in mind.  As it has been said, He would have done this if there was just one of us.
Such love.
It is my hope and prayer that His love is what they experienced!

One day last week I read sometthing that got my attention and I made a note in my journal.
I usually jot down the source of my inspiration, but not this time. 
Thus I cannot give credit to the deserving soul.
What I wrote was,
"God declares mine!"
I do remember that the thought behind it is that the Almighty, Creator God looks upon all His creation and declares that it is His.  Papa expanded the thought for me from there.

He looks at each one of us and claims ownership.
Not as a possession, but as one created with love in His image by His own hand. 
Someone He treasures and with whom He desires a relationship.

As I was preparing for last night, this thought kept coming to mind.  I pictured Papa looking with great fondness on every individual.

All that were in attendance, both the servers and the recipients are viewed with immense love by Papa.
There wasn't one person that He disregarded or overlooked.
Not one who He deemed unloveable.
No matter what they had done or would do.

Dennis' message touched on that last night.
Praise God!

The verse that spoke to my hurting heart so many years ago and caused me to see my Savior comes to mind now.
"Come to me, all who are weary and heavyladen and I will give you rest."
He longs to take each one in His arms.

Isn't amazing that the One who made all that exists anywhere, is particularly interested in us?
May each one of us realize what Brennan Manning's elderly uncle knew,
"Papa is especially fond of me!"
After all we are His!!

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