Saturday, September 17, 2011

Way High Rock

"When my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I."
                                                   Psalm Sixty-One, verse two.

That is the verse that was posted on my daily calendar waiting to be read this morning.

How I love the picture it draws for me...

When I was a small child I loved to visit my grandmother's home.  It was set in a wooded area with trails leading from both the front and backyards.
The front trail did not take me far from the house, so I was allowed to follow it.  It took me down a slight hill to a small clearing where a few good sized rocks sat.  I loved to climb up on each one by turn. 
The feelings of safety and security were so reassuring to me.
I was untouchable, unreachable and I was on something that was immovable and impenetrable.

In reality it wasn't that high and any adult could have reached me very easily.
But that didn't enter my mind, I was focused on that sense of security that was so often illusive to me.

The back trail carried one further away from the house.   That meant it was off limits unless you were accompanied by a bigger person.
It meandered through the woods for a little while until opening up to an area that had two items that greatly interested me....

A very tall, wide tree with many branches that were perfect for climbing and...
a rock that was just about as high as the tree.

The rock was way higher than me and not something a little person would even think to climb.
But I loved to be close to it...
It towered over me and on a sunny day its shadow would engulf me.
When that happened I would imagine that I was invisible.

That is the picture that comes to mind, along with the same feelings of security, when I read the above verse and am reminded that the rock that is higher than me is my very own Papa!

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