Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Surrender, Part Two

A friend, Rob, who attended Ray's party on Saturday, is also a wonderful photographer that kindly brought his camera with him to the event. 

The photos are a good representation of the day.
There is one odd thing in a few of the shots.....
This lady appeared in them and she looks kind of like me, but older!

Yes, I did come out of the house in spite of the miserable night I had spent....
I figured out in the fresh air would be safe for everybody.  Besides I was just very tired by then.

Of course I stepped outside after an application of makeup and a change of clothes.
Rumbled and wrinkled would not do!

I know I was not looking my best, but the day was about my honey, so it didn't really matter at all.

My usual way of greeting friends and family is with a hug, but not on Saturday.
I love them all too much to get too close!
It was difficult and I have all these hugs stored up. 
So who knows who I might be hugging in the near future?!

Well, back to the pictures.
Who exactly is that lady?

I have had the same question come to mind when looking in the mirror!

The aging process is strange. 
The higher numbers do not sound so old to me anymore.
I am blessed with good health and a good amount of energy.
Thank you, Papa!
No, I cannot do all that I did ten years ago, but so what?
Let someone else do all that!

I love being an older woman.!
I can be me without apologies.
Age and the experience that comes with it  helps a person to see what matters.
It is much easier to let the little things stay little things.
What a joy!

Coming to this place is a process of surrender.
Yes, that is still the topic...

This morning Oswald Chambers devotional thoughts were on this topic.  He implied what some of surrenders benefits are.

One benefit is deliverance from all that would rattle us.  This deliverance results in rest.

Devotion to Him...
How so?
How not??  Considering the peace and rest that He gives to us when we turn to Him.

A third is death to self, which opens us up to unbroken communion with our God!

Reading the blog  "On The Road to Italy" today, by Pat Butler, which I highly recommend (!),  struck a nerve.
Pat was speaking about the value of lamentations.  The act of lamenting, not the Old Testament book.

She had just visited the Auschwitz death camp, which wrenched her very soul, when she was reminded of 9/11.  
It stirred many questions and emotions.
Not for Pat alone.

It is only such atrocities that we are burdened with...
Things much closer to home.

Pat wrote of how trusting God does not often answer the questions and so what do you do with all the stuff swirling around in you?  How do you get to a place of surrender, where the peace is found?
Pour it all out to God in total honesty.

When I read her words it was as if Papa took His finger and pointed to them with emphasis.
I do not think He intended it for me to simply share with my group tomorrow night.
Uh, uh...

You mean get in touch with all that junk??
We'll have to talk about this a little more.....

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