Thursday, September 1, 2011


Living in the Northeastern United States hurricanes have mostly been experienced as a rainstorm with a bit of a stronger wind than usual.
As a child growing up in New York State on Long Island I do recall a few passing gales that came through.  I loved watching the  howel of the wind and how it caused the trees bend.  The demonstration of power drew me.
I would sit at the window watching, barely aware that my mother was screaming for me get away from the window.  Any storm got her into a panic, while it seemed to have the reverse affect on me.

We just experienced Hurricane Irene.  Nearly ten inches of rain in a twenty-four hour period!  The effects for our household were minor; a loss of electric for less than three hours, which meant no water either, and a lawn covered with wet leaves and small twigs with a few tree branches scattered among the debris.
Others were not so fortunate.  More than a few went without power for up to four days!
You do not realize how much you depend upon electricity and water until you go without.  It is sobering.

There were those who experienced a great deal more than the loss of electricity.  Houses were swept into the sound; I just learned of one single lady whose house was halved when a giant tree fell smack down onto and through the middle of her home, which caused all her windows to blow out!!

We nearly had a loss that would have surpassed any of the above.

Tim and two friends decided to tube on a local flooded golf course on Sunday.  Unfortunately, it quickly swept them into a river.  At first it was a grand adventure until parts of buildings and other debris began to surround them.  It took them a number of miles to find a way out of the river and none too soon!  Around the bend awaited an overflowing dam that would have careened them over the other side.  Not good.
I am grateful that Papa kept His Hand on them and also that I didn't learn about the situation until afterward!
As a mother of four sons there have been many a time when their actions have curled my hair.  My three sisters and I never took a fraction of the risks that they have!

Now to a different subject....
On September tenth I am throwing a surprise retirement party for my honey!  He knows there's a party, but has no clue that he is the reason for it.  It is a luau.  Instead of roasting a pig we will be roasting Ray!  A number of family members, his friends and former colleagues are looking forward to it!
If you haven't received an invite and would like to attend, just come on over at four in the afternoon.  It is a potluck, so I am not concerned over how many we might be hosting! 

That is the latest from my little world!

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