Saturday, September 3, 2011


Speaking with a dear friend yesterday I commented that we hadn't seen each other in quite a while.
Her response?  "It is because you are so busy, Debbie!"
This is not the first time that someone has spoken these exact words to me.
In the past I have just accepted the comment and moved on.  However, this time it caused me to pause....

Am I really that busy?
I am not as involved in out-of-the-home activities these days.
How is it that I have been giving this impression to people?

As I gave this some thought I realized that it is partial busyness and partial pacing myself more than in the past.  I get worn out sooner than later!
The busyness centers more around family these days.  My honey is home full-time and we have children in residence.  All of which takes a bit of my time, of which I am glad!

What is occupying my attention at the moment is helping Timothy to pack.  He is moving into his own apartment tomorrow!  
The last baby bird is leaving the nest.  The timing is right.  The bird needs to build his own nest...

Mindy and I have designs on the room he is vacating...
We are looking forward to transforming it into a room just for the girls.  No boys allowed in this room. 
They won't want to use our room anyway, it will be too girlie!
It will be a quiet place for me and also a place for Mindy to join me for just us girls time.
I will post a picture after the transformation.

I am imagining a place where I can sit with Papa without interruption.  It has been a while!
A sanctuary...How delightful!

A safe haven
A refuge
Place of retreat
That is what I want and need...

I have just completed reading a book that my West Virginia daughter-in-law, Amy lent me.  It is "The Good, Good Pig," by Sy Montgomery. 
It is the true story of the pig, named Christopher, who lived in her barn and the lessons Sy learned because of him. 
Being responsible for any animal causes a person to have to slow down because the creature needs your time and attention. When Roo climbs up in my lap or mews at my feet for attention, I, of course, stop what I am doing and give her some loving.  She isn't the only one who "feels the love!"

Sy often would enter the barn and lie down alongside Chris and to be re-energized and comforted. 
This reminded me of how I felt about a couple of dogs that have been in my life.  As a little girl I would find great comfort in lying down and resting my head on my dog, Rocky.  Even as an adult, dogs have given me a sense of comfort at times.  Their love is so unconditional.

Ah, unconditional love....That turns my thoughts to Papa.
His love refreshes and revializes and comforts in a deeper way than anyone or anything could ever do.
I believe it is because we are designed to find our greatest satisfaction in our God.
That takes time though and often we get too busy....

Though others may think I am too busy, at times, I hope Papa doesn't!

Whether I am in my sanctuary or on the move I want to be listening for His voice and watching for His direction.  I want to be busy with those things He has for me to do.

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